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Phone cases

At Carphone Warehouse, we have a huge range of phone cases to choose from. Browse our selection today and find the best phone cover to meet your needs and budget. Our extensive selection includes clear, hardshell, and leather phone cases for Apple iPhone, Samsung, and Google.

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Nowadays, most of us have our mobile phone with us at all times and take it everywhere we go – that’s a lot of opportunity to accidentally drop it. And dropping your phone can be a disaster. The best-case scenario is you get a little bump or scratch on it, which detracts from its pristine beauty, and the worst case is the screen shatters and your phone is rendered useless. Fortunately, the solution is simple: a mobile phone case.

Protecting your phone with a phone case isn’t just about aesthetics. If you think ahead to the day you want to upgrade to a new, shinier handset, you’ll probably want to sell your current phone – and the better the condition it’s in, the better the trade-in price you’ll be able to get. So, choosing a protective phone case now is like investing for the future and you’ll be very happy you did when the time comes to sell your phone.

With so many mobile phone cases on the market, the choice can be quite overwhelming. But the most important thing to remember is to choose one that’s designed for your specific make and model of phone. A phone case covers the back and edges of your handset, and in order for it to do its job properly, the fit needs to be snug and the placement of the camera and buttons needs to be accommodated for.

At Carphone Warehouse, we have a huge range of mobile phone accessories to choose from, including loads of phone cases for all different makes and models. Browse our selection today and find the best phone case to meet your needs and budget.

Grffin Powerbanks

If you’ve splashed out on a new Apple or Samsung phone, you’ll want a phone case to keep it well protected and looking good at the same time. Maybe you fancy a colourful silicone phone case to match your iPhone or a clear phone case to let your handset shine through. Or maybe, if you have a Samsung Galaxy , a wallet-type phone case is more your style.

Whichever style of phone case you choose, if it’s for a new Apple or Samsung phone, check that it’s a phone charger case. Most recent releases have wireless charging built in, and to take advantage of this handy functionality, you’ll need a wireless charging phone case. Apple’s MagSafe wireless chargers magnetically attach to compatible phones - iPhone 12 and later - for faster and more efficient charging. If you want to charge this way and use a phone case, it needs to be a MagSafe phone case.

If you’re thinking about getting some new charging options to go with your new phone, check out our range of phone chargers and wireless chargers.

Defence, Gear4, and other phone cases

If heavy-duty protection is something you need, check out our range of Gear4 phone cases, including Samsung phone cases andGoogle Pixel cases. Specialists in durable phone cases, Gear4 offer sleek and stylish designs, without the bulkiness you often get with rugged cases.

Gear4’s super-thin D3O® material offers advanced protection against knocks and drops - it’s even used in protective gear for the military, professional athletes, industrial workers, and motorcyclists.

Our best-selling brand is Defence, and with good reason too. Compatible with iPhone, Samsung and Google handsets, these cases come in a variety of eye-catching styles and materials, from polycarbonate and TPU shells, to recycled plastic and faux leather. Some even come with an antimicrobial coating to keep your phone odour-free while helping to extend its lifespan. Check out our range of Apple and Samsung compatible gear4 phone cases, as well as Defence phone cases and Xqisit phone cases.

For an extra layer of protection, it’s worth getting a screen protector. The main reason a phone screen shatters is due to cracks around the edges. A good phone case will help to protect against this but your screen can still be vulnerable to damage – even if it has a toughened glass display. A phone screen protector will add an extra layer of defence and give you peace of mind.

Clear and leather phone cases

Mobile phone cases come in all different colours and materials, so you can highlight your personal style through the case you choose.

If you love the look of your phone without a case, a clear phone case could be your best bet. You can show off the original colour and design of your phone, while still protecting it from accidents. Or maybe a colourful phone case is more up your street. Choose a hardshell case that matches your phone or a pink silicone phone case to brighten up your day.

For those who prefer a classic, timeless look, why not choose a leather phone case? The natural material will absorb shock if you drop your phone and - if you opt for a wallet-style phone case with a flip cover - the front of your phone will also be protected. And one of the best things about leather phone cases is that instead of getting shabby over time, they age beautifully.