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Phone trade-in

    Google logo

    Google Pixel 8a: Get an extra £150 on top of your trade-in value

    when you trade-in any eligible handset

    Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy S24: Get an extra £75

    when you trade-in any eligible device

    Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy S24+: Get an extra £100

    when you trade-in any eligible device

    Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Get an extra £125

    when you trade-in any eligible device

    Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5: Get an extra £100

    when you trade-in any eligible handset

    Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5: Get an extra £150

    when you trade-in any eligible handset

    Samsung logo

    Samsung Galaxy S23: Get an extra £100

    when you trade-in any eligble handset

    Motorola logo

    Motorola Edge 50 Ultra: Get an extra £100 on top of your trade-in value

    when you trade-in any eligible phone

    Taking advantage of a promotion?

    If you have taken advantage of a promotion whilst trading in your device we need some additional information to help validate your promotional payment. You will need:

    • • The order number for your completed qualifying new phone purchase
    • • To obtain a trade-in value for the phone you want to trade in by entering the relevant details in the “Phone Trade-in” section above
    • • Click HERE to complete the trade-in promo form after completing the above steps

    When we receive your device back, we will then trigger your promotional payment. This will be a separate payment transaction which will follow your standard device payment.

    Please Note – If the form is not complete and purchase information is not provided before we receive your device back, we will not be able to process your additional payment.

    Phone trade in

    Are you getting a new phone and wondering what to do with your old one? Or do you have an old phone - or two or three - gathering dust in a drawer somewhere? Don't leave it lying around to lose value and never put it out with your household rubbish, even if it's damaged. The smartest thing to do is to sell your old phone.

    At Carphone Warehouse, you can trade in second hand phones, and we'll pay you cash. Or you can use the trade-in value to upgrade early without having to pay a penalty. Just tell us what make and model of phone it is, and what condition it's in, then we'll let you know how much you can sell your phone for. You can even trade in broken phones.

    Trading in your old phone is not only the best thing to do for your bank balance, it's also the best thing for the planet. If your phone is in good condition, it'll be refurbished and sold on, keeping it in circulation for longer. If the phone is broken, we may still be able to re-use some of the parts. If it's too badly damaged - for example, the casing is smashed and the internal parts are exposed - we can recycle it for free, ensuring it stays out of landfill.

    iPhone trade in

    From a nearly new iPhone 13, way back to iPhone 6 and earlier, at Carphone Warehouse, we'll trade in your old iPhones. They can be on any network, and you don't even have to have bought them from us. It really couldn't be easier to sell your old iPhone - or any phone or tablet - to us.

    To trade in online, all you must do is enter the details of the iPhone you want to trade in (brand, model or IMEI/Serial number) and we'll let you know what it's worth. We'll send you a trade in pack, with information on how to return your iPhone including a pre-paid postage box. Once we've received your item and checked it over, we'll transfer the money into your account within three to five working days.

    Alternatively, you can trade in an iPhone in any of our stores, and we'll tell you then and there how much we'll pay for it. The amount will be paid to you by direct bank transfer. You can then use the money to go towards a new phone. Check out our range of the latest iPhones at great prices.

    Always remember when preparing your iPhone for trade in, it's important to transfer your information over to your new device, and then remove all your personal data from the phone, before handing it over to us.

    Samsung trade in

    If you're looking to sell your old Samsung phone and replace it with a new Samsung phone you've come to right place. Whether you have a Samsung S8 to trade in - that you feel like you've had forever - or something a bit newer like an S22, we can give you a great price.

    Like any phone or tablet you want to trade in, your Samsung phone will need to be in good condition to get the best possible price. To be considered 'working' it needs to fulfil certain criteria, including:

    • the phone must switch on and off, and be able to charge up
    • the phone's screen can't be cracked or chipped, and must have no missing pixels
    • the home button, cameras, sound and vibration must all work
    • there must be no liquid damage to the phone
    • the phone can't be bent, mis-shaped, or have any missing parts

    You can also sell an old Samsung phone that isn't working, just let us know what's wrong with it and we'll offer you the best price we can. If the phone isn't worth anything, we'll happily recycle it for free. Please don't put a damaged phone - or any phone - in your household bin as it'll end in in landfill which is incredibly bad for the environment.

    Trade in phone for cash

    Selling your old phone for cash is not only an environmentally friendly way of getting rid of it but it can also give you a nice boost to your bank balance. It's easy to get a quote online for the trade-in value of your phone. Whether it's an iPhone 11, a Samsung S9 or a Google Pixel phone, we can give you a trade-in value. And - as long as the phone is in the condition you stated - we guarantee to pay the agreed quote.

    Once we've received your phone in the post, getting paid is quick and easy. We check the trade-in phone over and process the payment the same day. So, you should see the cash in your bank account within three working days. Or we can send you a cheque if that's more convenient. If, when we receive the phone, the condition is not as stated and it affects the trade-in value we can return the phone to you free of charge.

    Phone trade in comparison

    To make sure you find the best place to sell your phone, it's always a good idea to do a mobile phone trade in comparison. And we think you'll find Carphone Warehouse - a well-known and trusted brand - at the top of your list. Not only do we offer great prices but we guarantee the quoted price, and offer quick and easy payment. So, if you've got an old mobile phone to sell, get a quote from us today.

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