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Motorola at Carphone Warehouse

On the 3rd of April 1973, the first ever mobile phone call was made by Martin Cooper, an engineer at Motorola. A lot has changed since then, but fifty years later, Motorola is still designing and developing intuitive mobile products to connect people with the world around them and make everyday life easier.

Motorola has had its ups and downs in the intervening years, with its heyday being the Razr-flip-phone era of the mid-noughties. During its four-year run, the Motorola Razr sold more than 130 million units worldwide, making it one of the top 20 bestselling mobile phones ever - that’s quite some feat. It may not have the market share it did back then, but Motorola - now owned by Lenovo - is producing some of the today’s top Android phones. And it even has a smartphone version of its famous Razr flip phone.

Though it’s phones that Motorola is best known for, it also has a number of other product lines, including Motorola smartwatches, baby monitors, and walkie talkies. And it produces a range of phone accessories too.

Motorola phones

Among Motorola’s mobile phone offering, you’ll find handsets across all price points. Though often associated with budget phones - which it does exceptionally well - Motorola covers all bases. Whether you’re after a cheap entry-level phone, the latest flagship model, or something in between, there really is something for everyone in our range of Motorola phones.

Motorola knows a thing or two about budget phones, it has launched five new models in 2023 alone. The Moto E13 is the new model in the super wallet-friendly Motorola Moto E series. And in the higher-spec Moto G series, we’ve got the Moto G13, Moto G23, Moto G53 5G, and Moto G73 5G. Offering much more than you’d expect from the price, the Motorola Moto G series is a great choice for those on a tighter budget looking for genuine value for money.

If you’ve got a bit more to spend, the Motorola Edge series is definitely worth a look - from mid-range Edge 20 and Edge 30, to the top-of-the-line flagship Motorola Edge 30 Ultra. While the Edge 30 Ultra is a big chunk cheaper than its rivals the iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, it really can stand toe to toe with these giants. Powered by the latest Snapdragon chip and with a beautiful 6.7in OLED display with 144Hz refresh rate - faster than both its rivals - this phone can handle pretty much anything. And it has outstanding battery performance and impressively fast charging.

And let’s not forget the Razr 2022 - the smartphone update of Motorola’s most popular phone. If you’re looking for a foldable, this is definitely up there competing with the best. The clamshell design opens to reveal a vibrant 6.7in FHD+ OLED display with 144Hz refresh rate and - importantly - only a very subtle hinge crease. The folding mechanism is impressive and the phone closes with no gap. With excellent performance and great battery life, this third generation Razr has really stepped up its game.

All Motorola phones run on Android. They use a version called MyUX which is an almost pure version of Android. Pure Android - also known as stock or vanilla Android - is Google’s OS as designed, with nothing changed by the phone manufacturer. Motorola Android phones benefit from faster security and software updates, and there’s no bloatware to slow down performance.

Motorola phones SIM-free

Once you’ve chosen the best Motorola phone for you, there are a couple of ways to get your hands on it.

One option is to get a Motorola SIM-free phone, which means you buy the phone outright and - as the name suggests - it comes without a SIM card. This generally works out cheaper in the long term because you’re not paying the phone off over the course of a contract, so you won’t have to pay interest on it. By choosing a Motorola SIM-free phone, you won’t be tied down to a contract or network, so you can look around for a cheap SIM-only plan that perfectly meets your needs.

Alternatively, you can get your new Motorola phone on a pay-monthly contract. This spreads the cost of the phone out over 24 months, and each monthly payment includes an allowance of minutes, texts, and data. This is great option if you can’t afford to buy your dream phone outright, though do be aware that some Motorola phones - the more expensive models in particular - will have some kind of up-front cost attached to them.

Motorola phone cases and accessories

Why not pick out some phone accessories to go with your new Motorola phone? We have lots to choose from at Carphone Warehouse.

There are few things more disappointing than finding a scratch on your brand-new phone. And it’s not just about aesthetics, in a few years when you want to upgrade to a newer model, a well-kept phone will get a better resale value. So keep your phone in pristine condition with a Motorola phone case and a screen protector.

Running out of battery at the wrong time can be extremely inconvenient, so make sure your phone is always charged and ready to go. Replace a lost wired charger, keep your workstation tidy and wire free with a new wireless charger, or get yourself a portable power bank for when you’re out and about all day.

The stunning graphics on your Motorola phone deserve to be matched by incredible sound. Take your viewing and gaming to the next level with a pair of high-quality earphones. Whether you fancy wired over-ear headphones or noise-cancelling wireless earbuds, we have what you’re looking for.