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Whether you're looking for the latest and best mobile phones on the market, the cheapest mobile phone deals, or something in between, we have the deal for you. There's a huge range of feature phones and smartphones to choose from at Carphone Warehouse.

Our contract pay-monthly phone deals let you get your hands on the latest mobile phones as soon as they're on the shelves, without having to pay for the phone up front. Choose your dream phone - as well as the plan that suits you - and we'll spread the cost out over 24 months.

If you've already found your perfect plan and are looking for a phone-only deal, our SIM-free deals could be for you. SIM-free allows you to buy a phone outright, keeping your monthly payments down.

We also offer phone upgrades to everyone who is eligible, even if you've never bought from us before. And we'll handle the switchover, so you don't have to worry about anything other than which phone to choose.

If a little something extra would help to sweeten the deal, check out our special gift offers. These mobile phone deals come with exciting free gifts, and are perfect to treat your loved ones… or yourself.

Cheap phones

If you are feeling the pinch, on a budget and looking for an affordable mobile phone, then we've got plenty of great SIM-free and contract options to choose from.

Generally, SIM-free mobile phone deals work out cheaper over time than pay-monthly contracts. How it works is that you buy the phone outright and have a separate SIM-only contract or a Pay As You Go SIM. This allows you to reduce your monthly phone bills considerably.

Buying a phone outright might sound expensive but it doesn't have to be. We have some great budget mobile phones on offer, including cheap basic mobile phones and affordable smartphones. If you like to have a big-brand phone - such as Apple, Samsung, or Google - you can reduce costs by choosing last year's model or a phone with less memory.

If you have your heart set on the latest smartphone and don't have the lump sum to buy it up front, a pay-monthly contract is ideal. We'll spread the phone payments out over 24 months, making the best mobile phones on the market much more affordable.

Best mobile phones

Everyone's different, and that means their version of the best mobile phone is different. Luckily, we have a huge range of top mobile phones to choose from, so there should be something to suit - you just need to decide what's important to you.

Take operating systems, many people have a preference: iOS or Android. As iOS is only used in iPhones, it's pretty easy to compare the different models. But for those who want the best Android mobile phone, it's a little more complicated. Most mobile phone brands use the Android operating system, so there are far more options to consider when choosing the best Android phone for you.

If taking photos is important to you, you'll be interested in a good camera phone. Nowadays, the best smartphone cameras can rival digital cameras. Look out for features such as sensor size and number of megapixels (the larger the better for both), and wide-angle and telephoto lenses.

Gamers looking for a new phone should consider some of the top smartphones on the market. With fast processors, good battery life, and large, high-resolution screens with high refresh rates, they're among the best mobile phones for gaming.

Not everyone is interested in all the bells and whistles though. The best smartphone for seniors may be something a bit simpler, with bold, easy-to-use navigation. And if a smartphone is a step too far, a basic mobile phone may be the best option.

Latest phones

At Carphone Warehouse we have all the newest mobile phones for sale from the big phone brands, including Apple, Samsung, and Google. Whether you're looking for the smallest mobile phone to easily fit in your pocket, a flip phone for a retro vibe, or something with a large screen to stream your favourite shows, we can help.

If you want to buy one of the latest phones outright, why not have a look at our phone-only contracts? Or if you'd prefer something with no up-front costs, try our pay-monthly contract phones. Compare phones and mobile plans to find the best option for you.

Contract phones FAQs

What is a smartphone?

Smartphones have the capabilities of regular mobile phones - calling and texting - but they also function like a mini computer. Like desktop and laptop computers, they run on an operating system and allow you to do many things, including browse the internet, take and edit photos and videos, listen to music, watch movies, and chat with friends over video.

Where to buy mobile phones?

We have a huge selection of mobile phones to buy online at Carphone Warehouse. If prefer to do your shopping in person, you can find us in your local Currys store.

What to do with old mobile phones?

Many of us have an old phone lying around in drawer, gathering dust and losing its value. It shouldn't be thrown in the bin, but what should you do with it? If your old phone is in good condition, you could sell it for cash or trade it in as part payment for a new phone, gift it to a family member, or donate it to charity. If you're technically minded, you might consider reusing it yourself as an in-car GPS, smart-home control panel, or baby monitor. If the phone is in bad condition, it can be taken to your local council recycling centre to be recycled.

Where to sell my phone?

You can sell your phone - or recycle it if it's damaged - at Carphone Warehouse. Check how much your old phone is worth.

*Each year your chosen network will increase your contract charges as follows:

Vodafone: Each April, the Vodafone monthly price shown plus all out of bundle charges will increase by the Consumer Price Index rate published in January of that year plus an additional 3.9%

iD MobileThe iD Mobile monthly cost will be adjusted each April by the Consumer Price Index rate (CPI) published in February by the Office for National Statistics, plus an additional fixed 3.9%.

Please note you can’t order your new phone online and trade in in store.