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Upgrade Your Life

Many of us have an instinctive desire to want to better our lives. We have a need to 'upgrade', whether that be by taking our relationships to the next level, striving for that promotion, or seeking a new experience.

But what happens when we make those improvements to our lives? Does it make us happier, or does it bring on undue stress? Is pushing for more always a good thing? We think so (with some caveats).

Here's why

When life happens

We explored 8 key life events that we think are universal; most people would've experienced at least one of these over a lifetime. From having kids to buying a house or travelling the globe, we surveyed the British public to find out what happens to us when life happens.

Explore the tabs to discover what makes us happiest, boosts our self-esteem, costs us financially, makes us lose sleep, or stresses us out the most. Select each life event to delve into them in detail.

What our experts say

The graph above helps illustrate some of the emotions we feel after going through certain events in life, and how it impacts our wellbeing. Is there a universal reason we seek these life upgrades?

With all this in mind, we asked the British public to tell us what happened in their lives after they experienced these key life events. The bigger question being: would they recommend it to a friend?

Explore life illustration

We took a deep dive into the impact of each life event; from what it makes us do to how it makes us feel. Here's what we found out.

Explore life events
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