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Vodafone Global Roaming | Red Entertainment | Data Capping

Get a Vodafone contract at the best price from Carphone Warehouse, and enjoy all of Vodafone’s inclusive offers and benefits - including ultrafast 5G.

Vodafone 5G

5G is the fifth and newest generation of mobile networking. It works on higher frequencies - and more of them - to bring faster, more reliable outdoor coverage to mobile networks.

Which means any last-minute movies you want to download, any multiplayer action games you want to play on the go, and any map navigating you need to do - just got a whole lot faster too.

Look forward to holographic calls, remote healthcare, cloud-based AR gaming and smart home and city connectivity.

5G is going to be a game changer, opening up a new world of seamless opportunities. And it is available to order now on Vodafone, ready for launch on 03/07/19.


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My Vodafone app & VeryMe Rewards

Manage your account from the palm of your hand with the My Vodafone app. It’s completely free to use, packed with clever features and compatible with all Android and iOS devices. Stay in control of checking and paying bills, or buy and manage extras. Also, use it to access Vodafone’s new rewards programme called VeryMe* rewards, with weekly discounts and giveaways that change over time to reflect your interests. 


My Vodafone

Vodafone Global Roaming

From Portugal to Panama, the world is yours to explore with Vodafone Global Roaming. Included in all new and existing Pay monthly plans (excluding Basics plans), it lets you take your home plan of data, texts and minutes to 152 destinations worldwide - that's more than any other UK network. So you can use your phone as you would at home, without the hassle of any unexpected charges on your bill.

Red Entertainment Plans †

Two years on us. Take your pick of content with a 2 year red entertainment plan. Choose from leading brands Amazon Prime Video, Spotify Premium, NOW TV Entertainment Pass and Sky Sports Mobile TV. 


Choose one subscription to last throughout your contract - at no extra charge.


4G coverage

Vodafone now have better 4G data coverage than ever before – reaching 99% of people in the UK in September 2018, this means Vodafone are increasing coverage up and down the country and are also working hard to increase coverage in places of interest. Places like Gatwick Airport, where they have built a complete coverage solution to make it the fastest 4G airport in the UK. So now you’ll have up to 200Mbps download speeds throughout the entire airport – including the departure gates


Upgrade early

Upgrade at least 30 days before your contract ends to get your hands on the latest phones as soon as they're released. Use our Upgrade Checker to see when you’re eligible.

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Vodafone Spend Manager gives you more control of your out-of-bundle charges by limiting your out-of-plan spend.


If you’re a new or upgrading pay monthly customer, you’ll be able to apply a cap to your out-of-bundle usage. The cap can be set to ‘off’ or ‘on’. When it’s switched on, you can set the amount from £0-£100 in £10 increments.



Vodafone Global Roaming*

Roam Free: With Vodafone Roam-free, there’s no extra charge to use your UK allowance of data, minutes and texts in our 50 Roam-free destinations. You can use UK data packs, international add-ons and other applicable international extras. However, you can’t call or text premium-rate numbers, use any inclusive entertainment service (Sky Sports Mobile TV or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass – however you can use Spotify Premium whilst roaming) or any other extras with Roam-free, unless we tell you otherwise.

With Vodafone Global Roaming, there’s no extra charge to use your UK allowances of data, minutes and texts in our Roam-free destinations. If you exceed your UK allowances, you’ll be charged our standard out-of-bundle rates for using data, making calls or sending texts. The same charges apply whether you’re in the UK or our Roam-free destinations.

Roam Further: Experience all the same benefits except across a further 60 Roam-further destinations for a fixed daily charge.

The Roam-further daily charge will be applied automatically to your bill when you use your phone or device within our Roam-further destinations. If you exceed your UK allowances, you’ll be charged our standard out-of-plan rates for using data, making calls or sending texts. The same charges apply whether you’re in the UK or our Roam-further destinations.

There’s no data cap in place automatically when you use devices in our Roam-further zone. As you’ll be using your UK data allowance, you’ll be notified by text when you’re getting close to your allowance, just as you would in the UK. You’ll be charged our standard UK out-of-bundle charges for any usage that exceeds this allowance. Click here to find out where you can roam like home in European destinations. For further Vodafone T&C's click here. Visit for full terms.


† Vodafone Red Entertainment Bundle. On the 18th of July, Sky Sports is rebranding. Anyone who has Sky Sports Pack 1(SKY sports 1, SKY sports 2 SKY sports news HQ), as part of Vodafone Red Entertainment plan will be migrated to the ‘new’ Pack 1 (SKY sports, SKY sports news, SKY sports arena SKY sports action, SKY news)


Vodafone passes ** for more details visit


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