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What is a SIM free phone?
What are the benefits of buying a SIM free phone?
Why should I buy a SIM free phone from Carphone Warehouse?

****£260 Trade-In value is based on customers that traded in a working device with the Carphone Warehouse from 10th Feb 20 to 10th Mar 20. There were 9,412 Trade-Ins during this period. The average Trade-In value received by these customers was £140, with 10% receiving £260 or more.

*please use the trade in “value my phone” once your choose your desired device

** We offer two year guarantee on all devices apart from Apple, where we offer 1 year guarantee

*** You're always getting a great Sim Free deal with us!


What is a SIM free phone? It's a mobile phone sold without a SIM card, call plan, or data plan. Simply put, when you're buying a SIM free mobile phone, you're paying only for the handset itself. It's a great way to get a cheap smartphone deal when you're looking to own a handset outright, with no contract to worry about. You can then choose a SIM only deal or pay as you go plan for your minutes, texts and data.

SIM free mobile phone deals give you maximum flexibility and freedom. You're not tied to any network, and you're free to choose any SIM only deal that suits. That means you're not tied to a monthly contract, and can even choose to pay as you go. All of our SIM free smartphones come unlocked, leaving you free to choose any network you like. It's always worth checking network coverage in your area before picking the network provider for you.

If you're looking for a mobile phone without a contract, we have some of the best phone only deals on the market. We stock the latest and greatest from the biggest names in smartphones, all SIM free, from Apple and Samsung to Motorola and Nokia. You can save even more on SIM free phones with our trade-in offers - allowing you to save a bundle by trading in your old handset - and free next day delivery, seven days a week.

If you'd rather pay off the cost of your phone over time, check out our pay monthly mobile deals instead. They make cutting-edge phones more affordable, letting you spread the cost over 24 months.

If you're looking for a cheap SIM deal to complete your ideal mobile set-up, we've got you covered with a great range of pay as you go SIM deals. Perfect for all our unlocked SIM free phones, choose from 1GB to unlimited data, texts and minutes.

*Lower monthly line rental price based on a trade-in value of £330 for the Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB in working order, without cosmetic damage, and unlocked. All other trade-in values vary dependent on the device, working order, damage and network lock status.


**Trade-in value will not affect your monthly line rental billing with the network provider, all contractual terms remain unchanged. Trade in will not reduce your upfront cost at check out, instead your trade-in will be paid by Currys Retail Limited as a one-off lump sum in accordance with trade-in terms and conditions found on

Price Promise - If you find an upgrade, pay monthly SIM only or pay monthly deal for less at Vodafone, we'll match it and pay the equivalent of your first month's standard line rental via cheque. Applies to published prices only where the handset is in stock and available for immediate purchase or dispatch. Proof of competitor price(s) required. Full T&Cs click here.



†† Monthly price may rise in line with either an annual RPI or CPI +3.9% increase, see network terms and conditions for more details.



Please note you can’t order your new phone online and trade in in store.