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Best Phones for Kids

From school, to college, and uni – find the best phones and plans for students of all ages. Result!

Whether you’re at uni or have a child at school, there’s a phone to suit all budgets and any needs – and we’ll help you find it. You could be looking for a phone with a top-spec camera to capture the action of those big uni nights out. Or maybe you’re after a first phone for your child to give you both peace of mind. View FAQs.

At Carphone Warehouse, we have the widest range of smartphones, suitable for teens and kids, on the biggest networks in the UK. And almost 30 years of experience with mobile technology. We compare all our deals to make sure you get the best package every time. So, to get started, check out our great options right here.

Help your family create healthy digital habits - Download Family Link

Download Family Link to your device so you can stay in the loop as your child or teen explores online.

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