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Just as there are times when the pocket-sized dimensions of a mobile phone feel too fiddly, there are moments when hauling a laptop onto your lap seems a bit too labour intensive. Luckily, we have tablets, which offer a gloriously convenient compromise. It's no wonder that the emergence of the tablet - led by the launch of the Apple iPad in 2010 - became one of the last decade's biggest and most enduring tech success stories.

More than a decade after Apple unleashed the first iPad on the world, it's fair to say that the tablet market has expanded somewhat. Take a swift tour of our tablet collection and you'll get an idea of how broad the market has become. Top of the range tablets are now fast and powerful enough to give many laptops a run for their money, effectively offering a slim, super-portable PC that can effortlessly adapt to demanding professional tasks and pair with svelte keyboards and trackpads.

On the other hand, many tablet users don't want a high-spec workhorse, they want a slim, touchscreen device that's predominantly used for browsing the internet, checking the socials, flicking through photos, and watching videos. And we have a brilliant choice of cheap tablets that do all the above for a very reasonable price, without overcomplicating things.

In many ways, tablets are like large mobile phones that you're more likely to keep in your bag than your pocket. So it makes sense that our tablet deals are a lot like our mobile deals - we offer a range of pay monthly tablets on contract, as well as a selection of SIM-free tablets that should suit anyone who already has a SIM but wants to upgrade their device.