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Sweden has something to offer every traveller – it’s a delightfully scenic place with a rich history and undeniably stylish people. The country’s strange sunlight hours are particularly fascinating too, with areas in the far north experiencing either midnight sun or long hours of darkness depending on the time of year. As a progressive and tech-savvy nation, it also has excellent connectivity.

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Stockholm Archipelago

Just a short trip away from central Stockholm is its picturesque archipelago, a cluster of thousands of small islands and islets. Each is different, offering everything from small towns and scenic docks to rocky cliffs and secluded coves. Spend a few days exploring or take a simple boat tour if you’re just dropping by.

Göta Canal

Sweden has some of Europe’s most beautiful countryside views, and a trip down Göta Canal is among the best ways to see them. Regular cruise trips are available, and you can also hire private boats and bicycles to enjoy the canal at your own pace.

If you’re on the look-out for scenic getaways further south, the lush green archipelago of Azores in the Atlantic is an idyllic outcrop of highlands and peaceful lagoons.

The far north

Head to Sweden’s far north during the colder months, and you could see a legendary natural phenomenon: the Northern Lights. You can also go skiing, embark on a sledding adventure, or stay in a hotel made of ice.

Iceland also competes for great views of the Aurora. If you go, then we recommend visiting the Blue Lagoon, a steamy geothermal spa reaching a toasty 37 degrees Celsius, to keep yourself warm.

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