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Guatemala is one of the least connected countries on our list, with less than 20% of the population having internet access. However, it’s a must for those that enjoy tropical weather, warm seas and rich coffee. Along with its enviable landscape of beaches and jungles, Guatemala is notable for its incredible Mayan ruins.

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The colourful city of Antigua is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and possibly Guatemala’s most popular tourist destination. This 500-year-old city is famous for its colonial architecture, with vibrantly-painted streets that appear the same today as they did in the 18th century. Enjoy shopping in markets, dancing in local plazas, or zip-lining through the nearby forest.

Can’t get there? Try this! For an alternative rainbow-hued destination, consider Nicaragua’s Granada; it’s only a hop, skip and jump away in southern Central America.


This picturesque Guatemalan town is only reachable by boat, but it’s well worth the journey. Here you’ll find a unique Caribbean atmosphere, delicious rum drinks, fresh seafood and tranquil beaches.


In the rainforests of northern Guatemala lies the site of mystical Mayan city, Tikal. Take in the altars, hieroglyphics and characteristic pyramid structures, as you explore its remarkable ruins. With temples over 44 metres tall, the surrounding jungle environment is every bit as exciting – keep your eyes peeled for monkeys, anteaters, toucans and more.

Lake Atitlan

It’s easy to see why some describe Atitlán as ‘the most beautiful lake in the world.’ Its gorgeous sapphire waters and clear blue skies are complemented perfectly by the volcanic mountains in the background. Relax by the water, take a boat ride, or venture into tranquil towns nearby for food and local markets.

Can’t get there? Try this! If you want your water even more blue, then cross the border into Belize on a day trip and head to the stunning Great Blue Hole, a huge underwater cave with cerulean water teaming with sea creatures.

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