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Ethiopia is on its way to becoming a major travel destination, and it’s easy to see why. The country is known for its diverse wildlife, fresh and spicy cuisine, immersive history and peerless coffee culture. However, the Ethiopian government is highly restrictive towards the internet, and as a result just 15.4% of the country is connected.

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Danakil Depression

Not only is this one of the hottest places you could visit, the Danakil Depression is a fascinating natural environment. Its volcanoes, miniature geysers, salt deposits and luminous-coloured lakes create the impression of being on another planet. But if yellow isn’t your colour, consider heading over to Senegal, Ethiopia’s west African counterpart, with its candyfloss pink Lake Retba, also known as ‘Lac Rose.’ Just don’t forget your sun cream to defend against the intense African heat.

Saint George

Previously referred to as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, the Church of Saint George is one of eleven rock-hewn churches in Lalibela. These mysterious structures were carved from volcanic rock in the ground and then excavated internally. To this day it’s not fully understood how they were created.

Harar Jugol

Known in Arabic as ‘the City of Saints’, Harar Jugol is a beautiful walled city on a hilltop. This UNESCO site offers winding streets, 10th century mosques, museums and locally made coffee. The locals are friendly and hold nightly hyena-feeding sessions!

Lake Tana

If you’re visiting Bahir Dar, spend some time unwinding at Ethiopia’s largest lake. Kick back with a drink and enjoy the scenery, go fishing, or take a boat trip to see some hippos. There are also several medieval monasteries nearby, one of which has the mummified remains of several emperors on display.

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