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Known for its sprawling outback, pristine beaches and diverse wildlife, Australia’s also great for city-lovers, with plenty of culture and nightlife to be found in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. And whether you’re chilling with kangaroos or sampling Australian wines, the excellent 4G coverage means you’ll find it easy to stay connected.

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An icon of the Great Australian Outback, Uluru is a geological attraction like no other. Rising 358 metres out of the ground, it changes colour gradually as the sun sets over the surrounding lands. Take a walk around the base to see it up close and read signposts that explain its significance for the aborigine people.


Not far from the Great Barrier reef lie the Whitsundays: 74 islands known for their white sands and crystal-clear waters. There’s plenty to do here, from camping and golfing to kayaking around the many beaches. Some locations are only accessible by boat, making them quieter than easy-to-reach tourist spots elsewhere.

Can’t get there? Try this! From white sands to dark shimmering shores, the black sands of Maukatia-Maori Bay in Auckland, New Zealand, provide the perfect contrast for beach lovers in hunt of something special.


Australia has no shortage of sun-kissed beaches, but the best ones might just be in Rottnest. This large island has over 63 beaches and 20 bays, giving you plenty to choose from. Rottnest is inhabited by adorable marsupials called quokkas, who apparently love being in selfies (don’t pick them up though – they’re fragile).

Can’t get there? Try this! If you like perfect beaches and wildlife delights (and who doesn’t?), we also recommend the remote island republic of Kiribati. While very much off the beaten path – and with little to no connectivity – it’s a haven of white sandy beaches and rare birds, plants and animals. Take plenty of pictures - and share on social when you’re back in Aus.


Australia’s famous Great Barrier Reef is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Waiting beneath the waves are countless species of mollusc, jellyfish, rays, fish, dolphins and whales. While much of the coral is dying, there are still healthy areas where you can spend the day snorkelling or scuba-diving.

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