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It's easy to upgrade at Carphone Warehouse
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    We will seamlessly upgrade your existing contract so you don't need to worry about a thing!
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    There is no need to worry about your old contract or bills, we handle all of that.
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    If upgrading early, there is no overlap on contracts, we will switch you over early.
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Phone Upgrade Checker

There’s one event that everybody looks forward to on their mobile phone contract calendar: phone upgradetime! No matter how much you love your current handset, there’s nothing to beat getting hold of one of the latest phones and making the most of the best phone upgrade deals. That’s one of the reasons why we created our Phone Upgrade Checker for Vodafone and iD customers – so that you can discover in an instant when can you upgrade your phone, and how to upgrade to a new phone. It’s easy to do – all we need are the details of your current network supplier and your mobile number.

The great thing is that even if you haven’t shopped with Carphone Warehouse before, we can still offer you one of our great phone upgrade deals and pair you up with a shiny new handset.

Try our phone upgrade checker and find out if you’re eligible for a new phone upgrade now!

Phone Upgrade Deals

Whichever phone you’re after, we've got a variety of phone upgrade deals to suit you, your needs, and your budget. We’ve got a huge range of the latest phonesfor you to choose from.

Of course, if you’re looking to upgrade and save money at the same time, we’ve got some great options from other brands at a lower price point that could save you money on an ongoing basis.

Sure, if you’re looking to upgrade your iPhoneor find out about the latest Samsung phone upgrades, we’ve got everything you could possibly want.

But if you’re willing to try another brand, we’ve got great phone upgrade deals on phones from Google, OPPO, Xiaomi, Motorola, HONOR, TCL and Alcatel which could save you money both on upfront costs and ongoing payments. And remember, your mobile phone upgrade needn’t be to the latest model, either. You can easily save yourself a little more money if you go for a phone upgrade to a slightly older model (it’ll still be box-fresh, shiny and new).

Phone Upgrade FAQs

Can I upgrade my phone?

Are you wondering to yourself “am I eligible for a phone upgrade?” Well, whether or not you can get a phone upgrade depends on a number of factors. The first is your mobile phone network, the second is the type of contract you have. Thirdly, it all depends on how far along you are in your contract. Most mobile phone contracts last for 24 months, meaning you could enjoy a mobile phone upgrade every couple of years, if you wanted to.

When can I upgrade my phone?

Again, this depends on who your mobile phone network supplier is, and how long your contract lasts for. It’s worth bearing in mind that if “upgrade phone” isn’t a priority, and you don’t choose to upgrade your mobile phone, your contract will continue with the same phone on the same tariff. This will likely mean that your bills will continue to include payments for your handset, even though you’ve already paid it off, so it makes sense to act before your contract is up. If you want to find out when can you upgrade your phone and check your eligibility for mobile phone upgrades right now, then use our mobile phone upgrade checker today.

Can you upgrade your phone early?

Depending on who your mobile phone network is, and the type of contract you signed up for, you may have to wait until your agreement expires. Otherwise, you may have to pay an up-front fee to secure a new phone upgrade. However, some networks may allow you to get a mobile phone upgrade for free, one to three months before the end of your contract. For instance, if you’re with Vodafone, you’ll be able to upgrade 75 days before your contract end date. And, if you’re wondering “am I eligible for a phone upgrade early” and looking to switch to a different network altogether, the answer is that you’ll have to pay off the remainder of your current contract, all the way through to the original end date.

Am I eligible for a Carphone Warehouse phone upgrade?

You’re eligible for a new phone upgrade with Carphone Warehouse if you’re already on the Vodafone network. We can even ensure you keep the same number, and it doesn’t matter if you bought your current Vodafone mobile from us or another supplier. If you’re interested to upgrading with the iD network, we’ll check your eligibility and can then either upgrade you instore, over the phone or via the iD Mobile website.

Do I need a credit check to upgrade my phone?

We only carry out a credit check every time a customer switches to a new network. We won’t carry out a credit check for a phone upgrade, just an upgrade eligibility check with the network for purchases made with Carphone Warehouse online.

Upgrade iPhone and Samsung Phones

Looking for an iPhone upgrade to a new phone or a great deal on a Samsung phone upgrade? No problem. Try our Carphone Warehouse Phone Upgrade Check now to see if your phone upgrade is due, and then we can pair you up with the hottest new Apple or Samsung handsets. We make the whole process simple, so whether you’re looking to upgrade your Samsung phone or get an upgrade iPhone deal, check out our latest phones.