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What condition should my phone be in for a trade in?

We’ll trade in both working and faulty phones, but they must meet some simple criteria to be accepted:

Working phones must:

  • • Power ON/OFF
  • • Have no missing pixels, damage, burnt LCD's
  • • Include battery and charges up
  • • Have NO cracks or chips on screen
  • • Working home button
  • • Have no damage or faults to camera
  • • Have sound & vibrates
  • • Have no liquid damage
  • • Not be bent, miss shaped and have all parts

Non-working phones must:

  • Not be crushed or bent
  • Have no components missing
  • However, we will accept handsets that are water damaged, won't power up/work properly or have a chipped or cracked screen, case or buttons and includes battery.

    What devices can I trade in?

    We can trade in a huge range of handsets, including smartphones from major brands like:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Sony
  • Nokia
  • LG
  • BlackBerry
  • Can I cancel my trade in?

    If you’ve placed your trade-in order, but haven’t yet posted your device, you can change your mind and choose not to send it. However, this means you won’t be able to trade in this device with us in the future.

    • • If you’ve already posted your device to us, you won’t be able to cancel the trade in.
    • • If you’ve sent us a different device to the one we valued, the trade in quote we gave you will no longer be valid.
    • If you have any questions about your trade in, give us a call on 0870 087 0168

    My pre-paid package hasn’t arrived. What can I do?

    Postage-paid packages can take up to ten working days to arrive. If you still haven’t received it after this time, give us a call us on 0370 111 6565 and we’ll send you another one.

    What happens to my Trade-in device?

    Once you’ve traded in your device, we pass it on to a third party so it can be re-used. Handsets are checked, all the data is wiped and most are then sent to developing markets where mobiles phone use is growing rapidly.

    How will I be paid for a Trade in?

    Once your device has been successfully traded in, we’ll pay you the value of your device by direct bank transfer. This means the money will reach your account within three working days of us receiving your item. If you’d prefer a cheque, just let us know.

    How can I Trade in my device?

    There are two easy ways you can trade in your device with Carphone Warehouse:

    Online. Just enter your device’s details (brand, model or IMEI/Serial number) and we’ll tell you what it’s worth. We’ll send you a pre-paid package so you can post your handset to us. Then, as soon as we receive your item, we’ll directly transfer the money into your account within three working days.

    In store. You can bring your phone into any Carphone Warehouse store and we’ll tell you how much it’s worth. We’ll pay you by direct bank transfer, so you can take the amount off any replacement device you buy in store.

    Do you really pay out what you quote?

    Unlike many of the other phone recycling outfits we guarantee to pay the agreed quote (assuming the phone is in the stated condition of course!). If for any reason we believe the phone is in a different condition to specified we can return the phone to you free of charge.

    How does your Trade-in process work?

    Once you have requested a phone pre-paid mailing package we will mail it to the delivery address you specify, and you simply put the phone into the post and once we receive your phone and ensure it is in the stated condition we will process payment to you on the same day.

    How long does it take to get paid?

    As soon as we receive your phone and ensure it is in the stated condition we will process payment to you on the same day. If you have chosen to be paid by bank transfer you will receive this in 3 working days.

    How will I get paid?

    We can pay you via bank transfer directly into your bank which you will receive in 3 working days, or we can send you a cheque if you prefer.

    How will my current phone help me buy myself out of my existing contract?

    Your existing phones Trade-in value could help you buy out your current contract early, letting you upgrade your phone early without any penalties.

    Can I still sell my phone to you if it is non-working or damaged?

    As well as working phones we also pay cash for all types of broken phones, including phones that don’t turn on or have moderate damage such as a broken screen or damaged casing. We can recycle for free any phones which have been extensively damaged, such as where the casing is smashed, or the internals are exposed.

    Do I need to have bought my phone from Carphone Warehouse?

    We buy all phones and tablets whether or not they were bought from Carphone Warehouse.

    Do you buy phones from all networks?

    We buy phones from all networks whether or not you bought the phone from Carphone Warehouse.

    How can I be sure that my data is wiped?

    We recommend you do a factory reset on the phone before you send it in, and we also back that up by wiping the phone as part of our recycling process.

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