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Waste electrical equipmentEnvironmental responsibility

Many of the electrical items we throw away (known as Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment or WEEE for short) can be recycled and re-used. Recycling helps to save natural finite resources and also reduces environmental and health risks.

What is the WEEE directive?

The WEEE Directive is an EU regulation that requires us to collect as much WEEE as possible for treatment, recovery/re-use and environmentally sound disposal. This means that when you buy any product from Carphone Warehouse, you can return a similar product to us for recycling or disposal.


All electrical or electronic equipment made after August 2005 should display the crossed-out wheelie-bin symbol to remind you not to throw it the bin.


WEEE battery directive

Carphone Warehouse is registered as a Producer under the The Waste Batteries and Accumulator Regulations 2009. Any used portable batteries* returned to Carphone Warehouse retail stores will be collected and recycled in an environmentally sound manner by properly licensed companies. By disposing of your used batteries in this way, you will help to reduce the harmful environmental impact of used batteries, and help the UK to achieve its targets for collection and recycling.


*Portable batteries are sealed, can be carried by hand, and are the type you'd expect to use electronic equipment, controls, toys, household items etc, for example AA, AAA batteries, MP3 player batteries, laptop or mobile phone batteries, button cells from watches or computer motherboards.