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Apple Watches

Apple Watch is the perfect partner for iPhone, letting you keep up to date with notifications straight from the wrist. Available in a variety of colours and styles, there’s one for everyone

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Why should I buy an Apple Watch?

If you’re an iPhone user, Apple Watch is the perfect wearable accompaniment. Get all your notifications straight to the wrist, listen to music on the go while your iPhone is safe at home, and even take calls straight from the watch with Series 3.

How do I use Apple Watch?

Once you’ve turned Apple Watch on, you need to connect it to your iPhone. And that’s pretty much it – select which notifications you’d like to see on the Watch, and off you go.

How to pair Apple Watch with iPhone?

Turn on Apple Watch by pressing a holding the button on the side. Once it’s powered up, hold it next your iPhone until you see a message that reads “Use you iPhone to set up this Apple Watch” – tap continue. If this message doesn’t appear, open the Apple Watch app and start pairing. From here, you just need to follow the on-screen instructions.

How to connect Apple Watch to Android?

Apple Watch is an exclusive Apple product, and can’t be used with an Android smartphone.

Can I use your Apple Watch without iPhone?

The Apple Watch Series 3 lets you make calls, listen to music, and chat to Siri, even when your iPhone isn’t nearby.

Do you need an iPhone to use Apple Watch?

You can use an Apple Watch without an iPhone, but it will have quite limited functionality.

The role of the watch has transformed in recent years, to the extent that telling the time is very much a secondary function for many smartwatches. Curiously, many of us are perfectly happy to consult our mobiles when we want to check the time, so it's fitting that the humble wristwatch has upped its game!

The Apple Watch has played a significant part in this rapid evolution, popularising the concept of the smartwatch, and reimagining the role of the watch as a multifunctional lifestyle accessory that allows you to track your fitness in all manner of increasingly sophisticated ways.

In much the same way as the iPhone has evolved from generation to generation, the Apple Watch has come a long way since the original model was launched in 2015, with each new generation tweaking design elements and adding increasingly advanced tech functionality. The latest iteration is the Apple Watch Series 6, which introduces an array of exciting new health and wellness-tracking features.

One of the Apple Watch 6's most impressive new features is a sensor that measures your blood oxygen. Because our blood oxygen level can be a key indicator of overall wellness, offering an insight into how well the body is absorbing oxygen, this is a particularly significant addition. The Apple Watch Series 6 gives you access to countless more apps and metrics that can help you to take control of your day-to-day life and smash those health and fitness goals. It also has the potential to make a game-changing difference to your professional life, enabling you to organise your time more efficiently and keep on top of work communications.

Alongside the latest generation Apple Watch, our range features previous iterations, including the Apple Watch Series 3 and the Apple Watch Series 5 - both of which remain popular - so you can pick a watch that suits your style, needs and budget.

In addition to our Apple range, we offer an array of exciting smart-tech devices from other leading brands, including the latest Samsung Galaxy watches.