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Samsung tablets

Samsung’s stunning range of tablets offer intuitive functionality, gorgeous screens and premium style, along with bundles of storage. They’re among the best Android tablets out there. Our range of tablets includes the Galaxy Tab A, perfect for getting online and streaming movies. We also have the powerful Galaxy Tab S6 with its handy S Pen, making it easier to get creative on the go. Looking to browse anywhere on your tablet? Get yourself a Data Sim Only deal to keep connected wherever you go.

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Samsung Tablets FAQs

What is the difference between a Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Tab A?
What Samsung tablets are compatible with S Pen?
Are Samsung Galaxy Tablets waterproof?
What size of Samsung tablet should I get?
What is the most affordable Galaxy Tab?
Which Samsung tablet has the best battery life?

Samsung tablet sizes vary, but the most popular size is around 10-inches as its roughly midway between smartphone and laptop. Whether you’re looking to use big software or just keep up with the latest news, you’ll find the right Sim-free tablet for you right here.

If you’re planning to take notes or improve your drawing skills, a Samsung Galaxy tablet with S Pen is ideal. It feels just like a regular pen, but makes it easy to precisely write, sketch and navigate. Or, if you want to get streaming and chatting, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A is a great all-rounder.