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Pay monthly tablets lets you find tablets on contract at a price that’s right for you. And tablet contract deals mean you’ll get a great data deal plus all kinds of perks – meaning you can use your tab on the move. Pay monthly tablets let you get your dream tablet right now and spread the cost over longer. So, whether you’re after big data or a cheap pay monthly tablet, search below to find your fit. Don’t need a new plan? Then maybe one of our sim free tablets is right for you. We’ve got top tablets from top brands - whether that’s Galaxy Tabs from Samsung or iPads from Apple.

Pay Monthly Tablets FAQs

Do you need a contract for a tablet?

The last decade has seen a complete transformation of the tablet market. Not long ago the tablet was a rather marginal presence in the portable computing landscape, entirely overshadowed by the smartphone and the laptop. That all changed when Apple launched the first iPad in 2010, an event that instantly changed the way people thought about tablets. With its vibrant touchscreen and sleek silvery body, the iPad recast the tablet as a luxurious lifestyle accessory. Apple's competitors were quick to follow its lead and a new generation of smart, streamlined and surprisingly powerful tablets hit the market.

The tablet market hasn't looked back since and our current collection of pay monthly tablets shows just how far the technology has evolved over the last decade. Featuring the latest models from Samsung, our pay monthly tablet range allows you to get your hands on a seriously sophisticated mobile device without the need to cover a big upfront cost. In fact, many of our tablet monthly deals will set you back as little as £9.99 upfront, followed by a manageable monthly payment.

Our pay monthly tablet collection spans a wide range of price points, so you should be able to find a tablet and deal that works for you. Entry-level models like the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 offer an array of exciting features and excel at all the basics, giving you a slim but brilliantly capable companion at a great price. And there's no shortage of top-tier technology to choose from if you're on the lookout for a high-spec tablet. The stunning Samsung Tab S7 Plus offers powerful performance on the go and rapid 5G connectivity.

If you'd rather grab a tablet without data - perhaps you're already signed up to a deal - we also offer an extensive choice of SIM free tablets.