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Explore everything you know and love about Apple on a larger screen. Our range of iPads give you loads of choice when it comes to choosing a new Apple tablet.

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The Apple iPad has completely changed the way we work, browse and play on the go since it was first released in 2010. It’s now as easy to watch a movie, play a game or write a letter away from home as it is to make a phone call. Thanks to its easy-to-use iOS operating system, incredible battery life and gorgeous Retina display, you can lose yourself in a world of great content no matter where you are.

Apple tablets range in size from the 7.9-inch iPad Mini all the way up to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Depending on how much storage you need for your important files, you can choose built-in storage from 32GB up to a massive 512GB. And of course, if you want the freedom to browse the web and stream shows wherever you go, there’s a cellular option.

At Carphone Warehouse, we have a great selection of iPad deals to choose from. And if you’re still undecided between iOS and Android, we have an even bigger range of pay monthly tablets.

It's fair to say that the release of the first Apple iPad back in 2010 was a game-changing event. Before then the tablet market was rather limited and a lot less glamorous. The sleek, sophisticated iPad completely reinvented the tablet and in so doing created an exciting new space in the portable computing market - somewhere between the smartphone and the laptop. Over a decade later, Apple continues to explore the possibilities of that space and the current iPad range showcases an array of exciting innovations.

To get a measure of the iPad's ongoing evolution, take a look the stunning new flagship model, the iPad Pro 12.9. Touted as the biggest upgrade to the iPad Pro since its inception, this high spec tablet delivers truly next-level power and speed thanks to the ground-breaking Apple M1 chip, which redefines what a tablet can do, enabling you to perform processor-intensive tasks like video editing and graphic design. It's even capable of handling cutting-edge games. In fact, the iPad Pro 12.9, which also boasts a gloriously vibrant 2048 x 2732 Mini LED screen and 2 TB of storage, rivals the latest top-end MacBooks, especially when you consider the fact that it connects effortlessly to the svelte Magic Keyboard.

Our Apple range also includes previous iPad generations and a wide variety of smaller and cheaper tablets, including the entry-level iPad 10.2 and the compact but capable iPad Air 4.

Looking for the best iPad prices and plans? We offer a wide variety of Apple iPad deals on the latest models. Our tablet range includes pay monthly contracts that allow you to spread the cost of your iPad and SIM free deals if you want to buy a tablet without data.