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Want a great deal? Black Friday’s the time to hunt one down. We’ve got a great selection of handset discounts that are sure to make you the talk of the Christmas table. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your phone or buy a loved one a treat, we’ve got prices that won’t break the bank (you can thank us later).

Black Friday Sim Free and Contract Phones

Our Black Friday phone sales span a wide range of SIM free and contract phones, so you can get the one you’ve had your eye on – at a fraction of the original price. Browse our Black Friday mobile deals to sniff out the best bargains and choose a phone (and price tag) you’ll love. If you like the freedom and flexibility of choosing your own network, now’s the time to get yourself a SIM free phone at rock bottom prices.

And this Black Friday, SIM free phones aren’t the only offer in our sights. We’ve also got plenty of Black Friday phone contracts giving you the chance to lock in a longer-term deal that’ll have you tapping away into the wee hours without a care in the world. It’s a pay-less-now, pay-less-until-the-end-of-your-contract kind of deal.

Our Black Friday phone contract deals include all the latest brands and models so you can show off your purchase without anyone knowing just how little you had to pay (although if you want to shout it from the rooftops, we’re down for that too).

Black Friday SIM only deals

Another way you can nab a bargain is with our best Black Friday SIM Only deals. If you already love your current phone but still want to cut costs around your phone usage, there’s no better time than Black Friday to go SIM-only. Choose from several networks, contract lengths and data plans to find the perfect package that works with the way you use your phone.

We’ve got several exciting Vodafone Black Friday Sim Only deals with a host of tariff benefits, from superfast 5G to entertainment plans and more. If you’re partial to a different shade of red, our Virgin Black Friday Sim Only deals are equally impressive, including data rollover and free Whatsapp messaging, so you can keep in touch with family and friends both near and far. Although if you really like them, why not slip a SIM Only deal in their Christmas stocking instead?

iPhone Black Friday deals

If iPhones are your thing, but paying RRP (recommended retail prices) is not, you may be interested in our iPhone deals. For example, our iPhone 11 Pro Black Friday deals mean you’ll get all the magic of its fast A13 bionic processor and triple ultra-wide camera, without forking over pro-level cash.

It’s also a great time to get yourself the iPhone SE. Black Friday will see major discounts on Apple’s newest budget phone, so you can enjoy powerful performance at an even more affordable rate. Or, roll back the calendar a little and re-introduce yourself to the iPhone X. Black Friday is the perfect time to buy this sleek 2017 model, complete with a Super Retina HD display and OLED technology.

If you’d rather edge a little closer to present day while still having plenty in the pot for a rainy day, our iPhone XR Black Friday deals might be worth a gander. Enjoy the 6.1-inch liquid retina display, the smart and powerful A12 bionic processor and surprisingly impressive single lens of this 2018 release. Whatever your iPhone mood, we’ve got a deal to suit.

Samsung phones Black Friday deals

Our Samsung Galaxy Black Friday deals are the perfect excuse to get yourself a nice Android upgrade. You’ll love our Samsung phones deals, with all the latest models - including its flagship S series - in the running for a bargain. With our Samsung phones Black Friday deals, you’ll have access to the best and brightest in South Korean smartphones.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note S20 is a Black Friday gem, giving you all the power of a PC in your pocket without hurting your wallet. If you’ve had your eye on the Samsung S20, Black Friday prices mean now’s the time to buy. Enjoy amazing battery capacity and unparalleled gaming capabilities on your smartphone for less with the incredible S20.

If tablets are where your head’s at this holiday season, our Samsung tab deals might have what you need. Whether you love the ease of digital drawing (CTRL+Z, anyone?), like a large-yet-portable screen to watch your favourite shows, or simply want an on-the-go device, a Samsung tablet might be the way to go. Choose from a range of stunning tablets, available in a variety of sizes and storage options, so you can find one that’s right for you.

Google Pixel Black Friday deals

Find some brilliant Google Pixel deals this Black Friday in our unmissable sale. Want the Pixel 4a? Black Friday is the time to save big on one of Google’s cheapest smartphones (yes, we’ve popped it on our discount list, just for you).

If last year’s Pixel 4 tickles your fancy, you’ll be in for a treat with our Pixel 4 Black Friday deals. Google’s flagship smartphone photography features come in strong on the compact Pixel 4, letting you up your Instagram game while saving a pretty penny (another thing to take a photo of).

Of course, if only the latest will do, you’ll be looking to 2020’s new launches. Enter the Google Pixel 5. Black Friday deals mean you can save big on Google’s newest offering. Featuring a dual-lens camera (one going up to 16MP!), 5G connectivity and a 6-inch FHD+ OLED display, the super-fast Pixel 5 has plenty to get excited about.

Whatever you’re looking for in a smartphone this Black Friday, our Google Pixel sales have something for everyone.

Huawei Black Friday deals

Coming from the world’s biggest telecoms company, it’s no wonder Huawei smartphones boast advanced features and innovative designs. Our Black Friday Huawei phone deals feature all their best releases, so you’ll be sure to find something to tick all your boxes.

The Huawei P30 Pro Black Friday discount means you’ll be able to save some readies on its 2019 offering. With a focus on photography, the P30 Pro features the Leica Quad Camera System, SuperZoom Lens, and a 40 MP Super Sensing Camera. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at night photography, you can’t go wrong with a P30 Pro backing you.

If 2019’s models just don’t cut it, why not try the Huawei P40 Lite? Black Friday deals allow you to get the Chinese smartphone at bargain prices. With it comes a speedy Kirin 810 chipset and 48 MP Quad Cameras with upgraded AI capability – both letting you take smartphone photography to new levels.

As for the Huawei 9 Smart 2020, Black Friday is the perfect time to get your hands on this beautifully crafted phone. Huawei’s newest release features a 6.21in Dewdrop Display. Whether you’re taking amazing photos and videos or bingeing your favourite shows, you can enjoy an ultra-clear view with bright and dark details all vividly displayed. Just don’t blame us if everyone and your uncle are crowded around your new Huawei come Christmas.

Motorola Black Friday deals

Rounding off our Black Friday features are our Motorola phone deals. If Motorola isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think of smartphones, you may be missing out on some gems.

Our Moto Black Friday deals showcase the uniqueness of these standout phones. Why not go for the Moto G9 Play on Black Friday? It features a super-responsive processor so you can yo-yo across multiple apps without a care in the world, take sharp pictures thanks to Quad Pixel technology and Night Vision mode, and enjoy tons more benefits worth showing off at the holiday table.

Another great option is the Motorola razr 5G. Black Friday bargains mean you can get this unique phone at unbelievable prices. Featuring a touch screen that folds in half (you read that right), a 48MP camera and Quick View Display so you can check your messages without unlocking your device, the razr 5G really needs to be seen to be believed.

As for our Moto E6S Black Friday deals, we do have offers for these 2020 beauties. It features a 6.1-inch display - great for watching YouTube videos in bed (we know you do it) - and long battery life to keep it going long after you’ve fallen asleep. All this makes the Moto E6S a great budget choice if you’d rather not break the bank this Christmas. Whatever Motor-mood you’re in this year, our Black Friday deals have you covered.

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