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 - Happy with what you’ve got? Keep your current phone and just pick up a new contract with a pay monthly SIM

 - Stay flexible with a rolling monthly contract or 12 month deal

 - Get a fully-loaded data deal at a great monthly price

 - Keep things simple by using your existing phone number


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Monthly cost Up to £{{ getStepValue('sp_q_max_17',slider['sp_q_max_17']) == "0.1"? "0" : getStepValue('sp_q_max_17',slider['sp_q_max_17'])}} per month
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Data {{ showDataSliderValue('MB', 'GB', ' +') }}
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Minutes {{ getStepValue('sp_q_min_14',slider['sp_q_min_14']) == "0.1"? "0" : getStepValue('sp_q_min_14',slider['sp_q_min_14'])}} minutes +
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Your first bill may be lower than expected. This is due to an O2 Retail Price Index change whereby will be displaying the new, RPI-adjusted tariffs on the 27th and 28th of March, though the change will not be implemented by O2 until Sunday 29/3/2020.
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{{totalResults}} matched plans
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£{{::item.t_recurring_charge.split('.')[0]}}.{{::item.t_recurring_charge.split('.')[1] | numberFixedLen:2}}

per month

£{{::item.t_upfrontprice.split('.')[0]}}.{{::item.t_upfrontprice.split('.')[1] | numberFixedLen:2}}Upfront cost

£{{::item.t_top_up_amount.split('.')[0]}}.{{::item.t_top_up_amount.split('.')[1] | numberFixedLen:2}}

Plus top up

{{::item.t_eff_monthly_cost | currenyFilter}}

per month after cashback

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