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Get a EE Flex SIM

A mobile plan on your terms that won’t tie you into a 12 or 24 month contract but give you lots of minutes and data.

Order your £1 Flex SIM today, when it arrives simply choose the Flex plan that suits you.

£10 Flex plan

  • 6GB data
  • 1000 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
Triple Data

£15 Flex plan

  • 15GB data
  • 2000 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
Triple Data

£25 Flex plan

  • 30GB data
  • 3000 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
Triple Data

£30 Flex plan

  • 60GB data
  • 3000 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
Triple Data

Order your £1 Flex SIM today

No Commitment

There’s no contract or credit check with a Flex plan. Genuinely no commitment. You're free to pause or stop your plan at any time.

No topping up

It's hassle free. You pay for your chosen amount every 30 days by credit or debit card and keep your unused data.

No worries

You can choose a pack to suit you with the peace of mind that if you need more data, you can simply switch plan or boost your minutes, texts or data.

How does it work?

Purchase a SIM

These could be pre-pack selected or not

Choose your pack

Decide the amount of minutes, texts and data that you need and choose the pack that's best for you

Set up your debit or credit card payment

Your payment will continue every 30 days unless you pause or stop your plan

Why choose EE Flex plans?

Get loads of data, minutes and unlimited texts on all Flex plans

  EE PAYG Data plans New EE Flex plans
Price per month £10 per month £15 per month £10 per month £15 per month
Data 2GB 5GB 6GB 15GB
Texts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mins 100 500 1000 2000

Plus EE customers get all this on top

Data Rollover

Any unused data rolls over to the next month, so you get a second chance to use it

Free data boosts

Keep getting more and more data, the longer you stay with EE

Inclusive EU roaming

Customer can take their minutes, texts and data with them, to use anywhere in the EU at no extra cost

Stay in control with MyEE

With MyEE app, online customers can top up or check their usage allowance at any time

UK & Ireland call centres

All our customer calls are answered in the UK and Ireland, so it's easy to get stuff sorted


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