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Trade-in your old phone with us to get money in the bank!


Trade-in your old phone with us and get money for your new one!

TRADE-IN TIME! - We are becoming Currys and we want to give you money for your old phone!


Wherever you’re buying your new phone, trading in your old one’s the smart thing to do. It’s better for the planet… and for your wallet too! That's why, as we become Currys, we want to give you money for your old mobile.


To trade-in your phone, just follow these steps:


1.   Find out what it’s worth

Enter your old mobile’s details into our trade-in page- things like the brand, model or IMEI/serial number. Then, we’ll let you know how much it’s worth.


2.   Drop us your details

Now we’ll ask you for your email. Just remember, use the same email address that you’d use for Currys. Otherwise you’ll miss out on your trade-in deal!


3.   Send it off

 We’ll send you a pre-paid package, so all you have to do is pop your phone in the post.


4.   Get paid!

As soon as we’ve checked your phone’s okay, we’ll transfer the money into your account. In less than 3 working days, you can flash that cash!