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What's happening with O2 & CARPHONE WAREHOUSE

From the 31st March 2020, our agreement with O2 came to an end. You don’t need to worry though. Your contract remains unaffected and your mobile service will not be disrupted as a result of this change.

Our relationship with O2 may have ended but our mission to help customers continues unabated. Carphone Warehouse is now into its fourth decade, helping millions of customers with their new phone purchase and keeping them connected – which is now even more important than ever.

If you bought an O2 contract from us, nothing changes for you - we continue to support all customers to get the most from their devices (including customers with Team Knowhow insurance policies). For O2 customers, there is no impact to your billing, contract or service with O2. At the end of your contract, we’ll be here (online, on the phone or in-store) to help and support you on any queries you may have and discuss the options available to you.


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