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Lebara Mobile at Carphone Warehouse

When you get a Lebara pay as you go bundle from Carphone Warehouse, you’ll get all the benefits from Lebara, such as cheap international calls, plus the best price from us.

Why choose Lebara Mobile?

Whether it’s cheap international calls, flexible plans, or unlimited Lebara-to-Lebara calls and texts – there are plenty of great reasons for choosing Lebara.

Cheap calls abroad

Lebara has a number of different SIM deals that let you make cheap phone calls abroad. Choose from different continents or a World package that lets you call 36 countries at discounted rates.

Flexible plans

When you buy a Lebara SIM deal, it renews every 30 days with no minimum contract. That means you can opt-out any time you like for complete flexibility and peace of mind.


Unlimited Lebara-to-Lebara minutes and texts

Lebara deals give you free, unlimited calls and texts to other Lebara users – making it even easier to keep in touch with friends and family.