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Just go to our Trade in home page and type your phone’s brand, model or IMEI number. Click the magnifying glass icon to search our database and click on your phone model. We’ll give you a valuation then and there.

We’ll organise a pack to be sent out to you. It includes a strong, padded envelope, which you can use to send us your phone. your phone.

Now just pop your phone in the envelope and put it in the post. We’ve already paid the postage, so you don’t even need a stamp.Once we’ve received your phone, we’ll transfer your money directly into your account.


You can Trade-in your device at one of our stores.

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Trade-in terms and conditions

1.       You confirm that you consent to The Carphone Warehouse Limited(CPW) using your information (including name, address, telephone number, email address, Device make/model/IMEI/network) to allow us to process your trade in and contact you and the network in relation to the trade in and unlocking of the Device only.

2.       You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions ("Conditions") when you provide us with the device you wish to trade in (the "Device") by either handing us the Device if you trade in in-store, or sending the Device to us if you trade in online or over the telephone. Before providing us with the Device, if you have any questions relating to these Conditions please contact us via our website at or by calling us on 0370 111 6565.

3.       You confirm that you are either the owner of the Device or you have obtained express permission from the rightful owner to trade in the Device.

4.       The Device must not be stolen or listed with us or a third party as stolen. We will check the Device with CheckMEND, from the suppliers of IMMOBILISE as used by UK Police forces to trace stolen and missing property. If the Device fails any due diligence check we may notify the relevant police authority and we may pass the Device and your details to them and the Quoted Value will not be paid to you.

5.       The Device must not have been purchased from CPW within the 30 days prior to trade in.

6.       The quoted Device trade in value ('Quoted Value') will be determined by us or a third party on our behalf based on the make and model of the Device.

7.       If the Device contains a SIM card, you must remove this along with any accessories prior to trade in. We will not be liable for any consequences of you not removing the SIM card or accessories, including any payments associated with the Device or the SIM card.

8.       Data stored on the Device that you wish to retain must be saved elsewhere and you must remove any memory card and/ or all data that has been put onto the Device prior to trade in. We will not be liable for any damage, loss or erasure of any such data or for any consequences of you not removing your data or memory card, including use or disclosure of such data.

9.       We may deem the Device to be a Working Device or a Non-Working Device, where a:

'Working Device' means all features of the Device are in good working order and condition, there is no physical damage (e.g. not bent, mis-shaped and has all parts, no missing pixels, burnt LCDs, screen has no cracks or chips and device Home button works) or evidence of liquid damage. Its battery is included and can charge and power up, camera has no damage or faults, has sound and vibrates, not be subject to any previously agreed trade in arrangement and in the case of Apple products, any iCloud accounts must be deleted from the Device prior to trade in; and

'Non-Working Device' means a Device that is not fully functional (e.g. does not power up, has a damaged screen, case or buttons, or has water damage) but includes a battery, has all its parts, is not crushed or bent, has no missing components and is not subject to any previously agreed trade-in arrangement, and for either the Working Device or Non-Working Device:

1.       For trade ins in-store only:

2.       we will pay the Quoted Value onto your debit card where available within 3 working days; or

3.       the value can be used to create a Trade-in credit note against any purchase you make in store; or

4.       the value can be used as part or full payment for other products. When the Trade-in value exceeds the cost of the purchased product(s), any remaining value can be refunded onto a debit card or used to create a Trade-in credit note.

5.       Once you have traded in the Device, it will not be returned to you under any circumstances.

6.       For trade ins online and by telephone only,

7.       Following you accepting to trade in, we will send you a pre-paid addressed padded envelope (the "Envelope") within 3 working days. We will only accept the Device if it is returned to us in this Envelope. We will not be liable for loss of your Device before we receive it;

8.       in order to honour the Quoted Value we must receive the Device within 14 calendar days of you accepting to trade in; and

9.       provided the Device received is as advised by you and has been received within the 14 calendar days in the Envelope, we will send you a cheque within 7 working days or make a transfer via BACS for the Quoted Value within 3 working days of receipt of the Device.

10.   If the Device received does not completely match the description and detail as advised by you or we have not received it within the 14 calendar days, we will contact you to give you the option either to have the Device returned to you at our cost, in which case no value will be paid to you, or proceed with the trade in at a new value advised to you. If you do not respond to this contact as advised therein within 7 working days, we will assume that you have accepted our revised offer and proceed with payment accordingly. Should you wish to make a complaint about the trade-in service, you may do so in the following way:

11.   by calling 0370 111 6565

12.   in writing addressed to The Carphone Warehouse, PO Box 373, Southampton, SO30 2PP

13.   Both parties aggregate liability in relation to these Conditions (whether in contract or for negligence or breach of statutory duty or otherwise howsoever and whether to any entrant or otherwise) for any loss or damage shall be limited to and in no circumstances shall exceed £250 for any one incident or series of related incidents.

14.   CPW reserves the right to withdraw or to change the terms of this offer at any time. Changes will be published on our website

15.   Nothing in these terms and conditions shall affect your statutory rights.

16.   These Conditions are governed by English Law and the courts of England shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these Conditions.

17.   Each clause of these Conditions shall be construed separately and independently of each other and the invalidity of any one part shall not affect the validity of any other part.

18.   Calls to our telephone numbers should be charged at local rates but may vary from some providers and mobile phones. Calls may be monitored and/ or recorded.

19.   'CPW' means The Carphone Warehouse Limited (registered no. 2142673), 1 Portal Way, London W3 6RS VAT Number 927 2265 40

20.   'We/ us/ our' means The Carphone Warehouse Limited.

Qualifying terms: 
Sales within Retail - Buy the promotional product on a consumer pay monthly connection (new or upgrade) and we will give you the promotional amount advertised at point of sale when you trade-in a relevant phone. Trade-in and connection must take place in the same transaction to qualify. Traded-in phone must be a mobile phone used on the UK network within the last 10 years.

Smartphone is defined as a phone with an operating system running iOS, Android, Blackberry OS or Windows.

Online and Direct channels - If you have bought a promotional product on a consumer pay monthly connection (new or upgrade) you will need to go to to enter your new handset IMEI once it has been delivered. We will pay you the promotional amount advertised at point of sale for your trade-in value once we have received and evaluated your phone.

Exclusions - Customers who have taken a cashback, web-exclusive or pre-order incentive are excluded from this offer. Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Business connections are excluded from this promotion. Excludes SIM-free handsets, PAYG, business and any 'gift-with-purchase' offers

Other terms:
We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion or change these terms and conditions at any time
Maximum of 1 trade-in per connected promotional product.
Trade-in value will be calculated at the time of the trade-in.

Promotional value will be automatically calculated.
For online transactions, the handset must arrive within 14 days after the end of the offer to be eligible for this offer.
As per standard trade-ins terms and conditions
Traded-in phone must be a mobile phone used on the UK network within the last 10 years
Trade-In call centre opening hours are 9am-7pm Monday-Friday, 10-6pm Saturday and 10-5pm on Sunday. Calls to this number cost a maximum of 24p/min with a 15p call set up fee when made from a BT landline. Prices of calls from other providers may vary and from mobiles may cost significantly more. Calls may be recorded and/ or monitored.


*New S10 special offer:

Receive an additional £50 when you trade in any smartphone and you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10 Plus.


Step 1: Order your new Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10 Plus

Step 2: Complete your trade-in online

Step 3: Receive a return postage page envelope in the post and return your old device within 7 days of receiving your new device.

Step 4: Funds transferred to your account within 72 hours of receiving your device.


Please note: Both the trade in and purchase has to be done together either online or in store.  You can’t purchase your new phone online and trade in in store.  The additional £50 won’t be visible online when trading in but will be applied once the device is received and checked at our warehouse.  Any additional trade-in value will be given via bank transfer. Full trade in offer available with any working and non-working handsets. Trade in price is determined by whether the phone is working or non-working.  To qualify for a working price the phone needs to power ON/OFF, have no missing pixels, damage, burnt LCD's, include battery and charges up, have no cracks or chips on screen, all working buttons, have no damage or faults to camera, have sound & vibrates, have no liquid damage, not be bent, miss shaped and have all parts. Any handsets that fail these conditions will be deemed Non-Working and pricing will be reflected. We will accept handsets that are water damaged, won't power up/work properly or have a chipped or cracked screen, case or missing buttons and includes battery and will be given a non-working value. We do not accept crushed handsets.


Trade-In Price Match Guarantee Terms and Conditions:


1.            The Trade-In Price Match Guarantee is only valid for comparisons on the cash price offered for the same device, in the same condition

2.            The Guarantee is only available against Mazuma, CEX and Game on their direct trading sites only – i.e. not affiliates or comparison sites

3.            Trade-In value will be calculated at the time of the trade-in and you must provide Proof of Comparison which means official written proof of the higher price; e.g. a printed advertisement or published online deal

4.            Payment for successful claims will be made directly into your bank account within 3-5 working days or sent via cheque within 20 working days.

5.            The Trade-In Price Match Guarantee specifically excludes prices offered by Mazuma, CEX and Game which are contingent upon certain conditions, such as spending a certain amount on other goods

6.            We reserve the right to withdraw this Trade-In Price Match Guarantee or change these terms and conditions at any time

7.            The Carphone Warehouse Limited takes your privacy and security of your personal information very seriously. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use personal information in accordance with data protection laws.  Our Privacy Policy can be found at

8.            English law applies to these terms and conditions.


The Carphone Warehouse Limited (registered in England no. 2142673), 1 Portal Way, London W3 6RS.




£320 trade in value is based on customers that traded in eligible devices with the Carphone Warehouse from 27th Jan 19 to 20th Feb 19 during which time there was not a £50 enhanced value promotion running. Total transactions in this period were 1,415. The average trade in value received by these customers was £144, with 10% receiving £270 or more. Pay monthly prices subject to credit check, eligibility and minimum term of 24 months on iD. Monthly price may increase in line with Retail Price Index (RPI)



UK’s lowest Price

UK’s lowest price is a price comparison of a 24 month contract less the trade in value provided for your old Apple iPhone. All iPhone Prices compared on 12/09/18 and includes the price of the trade in and 24 month contract when they are combined and available in a single transaction only. Prices compared are on 24 month tariffs only. Excludes comparisons with other promotional tools (i.e cashback / gifts with purchase) 


Trade-in competition

For full terms and conditions click here