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If you've not heard the term 'SIM-free phone' before, it's pretty self-explanatory. It's a phone that's sold without a SIM card or network attached to it. All of our SIM-free phones come unlocked, so you can choose whichever network you like. Normally, people buy the phone and then choose a SIM-only deal for their calls and data.

You might be wondering why someone would choose a SIM-free handset when they could get a phone and monthly allowances bundled together in one easy package. Well, they usually work out cheaper. If you buy a SIM-free mobile you own it outright and don't have to pay it off over 24 months. This reduces the cost of a monthly plan as you are only paying the network for your minutes, texts and data allowance. SIM-only deals aren't only less expensive but they can be more flexible - 1-month rolling contracts and 12-month contracts are common place - so you can regularly shop around for the best deals.

If you're looking to buy your next phone outright, you've come to the right place. We have a huge range of SIM-free phones for sale with some of the lowest prices on the market. Choose from basic mobile phones to the latest SIM-free smartphones.

SIM-free mobile phone deals

Considering a SIM-free phone for the first time? There's lots to love about a handset-only deal. Separating your phone from your monthly allowances gives you more control. You can buy a new SIM-free phone as infrequently or as often as you want, you're not tied into a contract.

If you're coming to the end of a pay-monthly contract and want to stick with the same network, why not opt for a SIM-only upgrade? Then you're free to choose any phone on the market, not just one of the phones your network is offering. So, you can compare SIM-free phone deals and shop around to get the best price on your dream phone.

Whether you're shopping online or instore, at Carphone Warehouse we have all the information you need to help find the right SIM-free mobile deal for you. We have all the best-selling brands including Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel and Motorola SIM-free phones. If you currently have two phones - one for business and one personal - why not check out the newly-released dual SIM phones? They allow you to have two phone numbers on the one handset.

Money is tight for many of us just now, so it's good to remember that if you can't afford to buy a SIM-free mobile phone up front, we have plenty of great pay-monthly phone deals - many with only a small, or no, up-front cost.

SIM-free Samsung phones

With so many options to choose from, across all different price points, there really is a SIM-free Samsung smartphone to suit everyone.

For those who're looking for a top-of-the-range, high-spec SIM-free phone, take a look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy S24 series, packed with impressive AI-powered features. Or the Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Galaxy Z Fold5 with their innovative folding screens.

And as with all of our SIM-free phones, Samsung mobiles come unlocked - though Samsung Galaxy phones have to be used in the UK. So, you're free to choose the best network and plan for you.

SIM-free iPhones

For the Apple lovers out there, we've got iPhone SIM-free deals to suit different budgets. If you're looking for a cheap SIM-free iPhone, try the slightly older and lower-spec models. The best-selling iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE SIM-free deals are more affordable than the newer models but still come with bags of impressive features.

The iPhone 14 and Apple's newest release, the iPhone 15, are perfect for those who love their tech. Powered by the A16 Bionic chip, you can expect fast, smooth gaming, enhanced video and photography, and longer battery life. Check out our SIM-free iPhones for sale.

Cheap SIM-free phones

SIM-free phones are great if you're on a budget. You can reduce your monthly phone bills, and you're free to shop around for the network that offers the best deal on calls and data. We have loads of cheap SIM-free mobiles and smartphones to choose from, and all the information you need to help decide which is for you. Or you can pop into your local store to chat with one of our colleagues.