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Microsoft at Carphone Warehouse

Microsoft doesn’t just offer sharp cameras and beautiful HD displays. There's also Windows 10 – the new operating system that provides a seamless connection between your smartphone, tablet and PC. And with OneDrive, you also get 5GB of free cloud storage for saving all of your most important files and photos.

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Why Microsoft?

Microsoft's new Windows 10 works across PCs, tablets and smartphones – seamlessly changing to suit the device you’re using. The cutting-edge Continuum also lets you broadcast your phone on to a larger screen, which you can then partner with a keyboard and mouse to use like a laptop.

Windows 10

Windows 10 combines all the great features of Windows 7 and 8 and has some brilliant new features too. The Start button is now back, Microsoft Office comes as standard and it automatically changes to suit the device you're using. And if you love entertainment, there's an improved Windows Store, where you can download games, movies, and apps plus much more.


Cortana is your very own digital personal assistant. You can type your query or simply ask by saying "Hey Cortana". Cortana will help you with any questions about your phone, help organise your calendar, set reminders, find files, do web searches and even have a chat with you.