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The Carphone Warehouse Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Carphone Warehouse Limited (registered in England and Wales, number 2142673) trading as Team Knowhow, 1 Portal Way, London, W3 6RS. © Team Knowhow 2018

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Mobile Insurance Complete
DeviceWAS Price (Monthly)NOW PriceMonthly SavingMulti Buy Save% OffWAS Price (Annual)NOW Price (Annual)Annual Saving% off
iPhone 11 64GB£14.00£12.00£2.00£9.6014%£160.00£130.00£30.0019%
iPhone 12 64GB£15.00£14.00£1.00£11.207%£170.00£160.00£10.006%
Samsung S20 Fan Edition 5G£15.00£13.00£2.00£10.4013%£170.00£150.00£20.0012%
iPhone SE 2 64GB£12.00£9.00£3.00£7.2025%£130.00£100.00£30.0023%
Samsung A71£10.00£9.00£1.00£7.2010%£110.00£100.00£10.009%
iPhone 7 32GB£9.00£8.00£1.00£6.4011%£100.00£70.00£30.0030%
iPhone XR 64GB£13.00£10.00£3.00£8.0023%£150.00£110.00£40.0027%
Samsung A51£9.00£8.00£1.00£6.4011%£100.00£70.00£30.0030%
Samsung S20 Fan Edition 4G£15.00£13.00£2.00£10.4013%£170.00£150.00£20.0012%
Google Pixel 4A£10.00£9.00£1.00£7.2010%£110.00£100.00£10.009%
Google Pixel 5 5G£15.00£14.00£1.00£11.207%£170.00£160.00£10.006%
Huawei P30 Lite 2020£9.00£8.00£1.00£6.4011%£100.00£70.00£30.0030%
iPhone SE 2 128GB£13.00£10.00£3.00£8.0023%£150.00£110.00£40.0027%
iPhone 12 Mini 64GB£14.00£12.00£3.00£9.6014%£160.00£130.00£30.0019%
Mobile Insurance Lite
Device NameWAS Price (Monthly)NOW PriceMonthly Saving% OffWAS Price (Annual)NOW Price (Annual)Annual Saving% off
iPhone 11 64GB£10.00£8.00£2.0020%£100.00£80.00£20.0020%
iPhone 12 64GB£11.00£10.00£1.009%£120.00£100.00£20.0017%
Samsung S20 Fan Edition 5G£11.00£9.00£2.0018%£120.00£90.00£30.0025%
iPhone SE 2 64GB£8.00£6.00£2.0025%£80.00£60.00£20.0025%
Samsung A71£7.00£6.00£1.0014%£70.00£60.00£10.0014%
iPhone 7 32GB£6.00£5.00£1.0017%£60.00£50.00£10.0017%
iPhone XR 64GB£9.00£7.00£2.0022%£90.00£70.00£20.0022%
Samsung A51£6.00£5.00£1.0017%£60.00£50.00£10.0017%
Samsung S20 Fan Edition 4G£11.00£9.00£2.0018%£120.00£90.00£30.0025%
Google Pixel 4A£7.00£6.00£1.0014%£70.00£60.00£10.0014%
Google Pixel 5 5G£11.00£10.00£1.009%£120.00£100.00£20.0017%
Huawei P30 Lite 2020£6.00£5.00£1.0017%£60.00£50.00£10.0017%
iPhone SE 2 128GB£9.00£7.00£2.0022%£90.00£70.00£20.0022%
iPhone 12 Mini 64GB£10.00£8.00£2.0020%£100.00£80.00£20.0020%



Offer available on selected devices only. Discount varies from 7% to 30% dependent on handset, level of cover and the payment method selected (monthly or annual). The promotion period (21st Nov - 1st Dec 2020).


Team Knowhow insurance policies are underwritten by Aviva Insurance Limited and arranged and administered by The Carphone Warehouse Limited (CPW). Aviva Insurance Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. CPW is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of its regulated business. CPW is not regulated in relation to the sale of this policy. Aviva is regulated in relation to the product and post sale activities, including complaints, claims and administration.