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Three steps to keep you safe at home

Registering your purchases and keeping up to date on the latest safety advice doesn’t need to be a big job, whether you’ve shopped with us or anyone else. We’ve compiled everything you need to know into three short points, to make sure you and your family are safe at home.

1. Keep hold of your receipt

Always keep a hold of your sale receipt. It's an important record of your purchase, and it’ll display the contact details we hold for you - just in case we need to get in touch.


If you’ve misplaced your original receipt, the details are incorrect, or you just want peace of mind, you can follow the second step below.

2. Register your product

Male sure you register your product with the manufacturer. You can find details of how to do this on the packaging or in the manual that came with your product. Or you can visit the manufacturer’s website.


If you have any Currys Essentials, Logik, JVC (television, soundbar or home audio) or Kenwood (microwave, dishwasher, refrigeration or laundry) products, you’ll not be able to register your product through the manufacturer's website, as these products are made exclusively for our sister brand, Currys PC World (DSG Retail Limited). In the unlikely event of a safety recall, you can rest assured that we’d contact you directly - providing you supplied us with your name and address at the time of purchase. If you’re unsure if you provided these details, have moved home, or you’re not the original purchaser, call us on 0344 561 6380 to register or update your details.