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Google's Pixel smartphones offer the purest Android experience available on mobile. You can enjoy incredible picture quality with the powerful rear camera, and with infinite storage available through Google Photos, you'll never run out of space.

Monthly cost Up to £{{ getStepValue('sp_q_max_12',slider['sp_q_max_12']) == "0.1"? "0" : getStepValue('sp_q_max_12',slider['sp_q_max_12'])}} per month
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Screen size Up to {{ getStepValue('sp_q_max_18',slider['sp_q_max_18']) == "0.1"? "0" : getStepValue('sp_q_max_18',slider['sp_q_max_18'])}} inches
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About Google Phones

It doesn't necessarily follow that the world's biggest search engine provider would be any good at making mobile phones. But Google's tirelessly innovative approach to pretty much everything it does meant that no one was particularly surprised when its entry into the super-competitive mobile market proved to be such an effortless success.

Now into its fifth year and fifth generation, the Google Pixel phone is well established as one of the best Android mobile brands on the market. While Google Pixel phones tend to eschew over-the-top design flourishes, they always nail all those all-important details. If you're looking for an Android phone that delivers all the essentials in a slick, pleasingly useable package, the Google Pixel range has to be in the conversation.

Arguably, Google confirmed its place among the top tier of mobile brands with the release of the Google Pixel 4a, a landmark handset that brings together everything you want from a mobile phone in the form of a compact, surprisingly affordable handset. As we've come to expect from Google, the Pixel 4a is an understated and beautifully executed design. Relatively compact, the sleek Google Pixel 4a sits nicely in the hand and offers a fluent, elegantly intuitive user experience. It's also packed with cutting-edge tech, including a stunningly vibrant 5.8-inch FHD+ AMOLED display and an accomplished 12.2MP dual lens camera that's capable of shooting incredibly detailed 4K video.

The acclaimed Google Pixel 5 5G builds on its predecessor's success, updating the winning formula by adding exciting new features and upgrading existing functionality. Crucially, the Google Pixel 5 maintains the 4a's competitive price point, offering a well-priced alternative to the latest flagship mobile phones from Apple, Samsung, and Huawei.