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Our EnergySwitching Promise

We’ll make sure your energy switch happens without a hitch with our 10 point promise.

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  • We're famous for getting people a better mobile deal. Now we're using our expertise to help you save on your energy too
  • Our buying power means we're confident you won't find a better energy deal anywhere. If you do we'll match it1
  • Give us 30 seconds to find out how much you can save

We'll make sure your energy switch happens without a hitch with our 10 point promise:

  • Switching is totally freeSo there's no need for you to worry about any hidden costs
  • Your energy supply will never be cut-offAll providers use the same wires and pipes, so there's no need for an engineer to visit
  • Your new energy provider will arrange the switchPlus they'll contact your current provider to let them know you're leaving
  • Your new energy provider will send you all the details of your new agreementIf there's anything you're not happy with, you've got 14 days to change your mind
  • You won't be charged for the same energy twiceYour new and current providers will work together to make sure you're not paying double for the same energy
  • Everyone can benefit from switchingIncluding tenants and customers on prepayment meters
  • Our deals are listed by the size of savings you can makeWe're completely independent and we make our money from a commission on each successful switch
  • Your switch will take no more than 21 daysAny problems, let us know and we'll try to help
  • We only work with recognised and reputable brandsAll our suppliers:
    a. Are directly regulated by Ofgem
    b. Have been in the market for at least one year
    c. Have over 100,000 customers
  • We'll let you know in advance when your tariff expiresWith our Energy Saver app (download on iOS or Google Play)

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