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The bestEnergy Saving Gadgets

With 54% of the UK’s energy wasted each year and £7.5bn up for grabs across the nation just by being smarter with our energy consumption, we could all stand to do our bit for the environment and our pockets.

Whether you’re a savvy saver or just tech-mad, from solar powered chargers to remote controlled heating there’s an energy saving gadget out there with your name on it. Here are some of the best energy saving gadgets that are great for the planet and also save you a few bob on your energy bills.

Eco Kettle

What is it?

We thought we'd start off with this upgrade on every UK home's most coveted item - the kettle. I know we don't want to think of the nation's favourite beverage as being bad for the environment, but sadly standard kettles are pretty energy inefficient as it turns out.

Introducing the eco kettle: while it doesn't necessarily use less energy per boil, it actually reduces the need to re-boil the kettle by keeping the water hot for up to 4 hours.

How does it save money?

Insulated kettles mean that you waste less electricity on boiling the kettle multiple times a day as the water stays piping hot for longer. Also, they tend to have lower minimum fill levels which means you can just boil one mug’s worth of water at a time if you want which uses less energy.


What is it?

Does it get more energy efficient than harnessing the power of the sun to charge your devices? This cool solar-powered charger is the perfect option for the energy-conscious techy. With ports for smartphones, iPods, camera batteries, satnavs and tablets – higher end models can even charge your phone for an impressive 70 hours.


How does it save money?

Did you know that by leaving our phone chargers plugged in for longer than needed, for instance at night time, you’re using an unnecessary 2.24 watts each time? Put simply, whenever you use the solar charger’s sun power, you’re not using the electricity supply in your home – which means saving money on charging up your mobile devices.


What is it?

With our weather being cold and miserable pretty much all year round, radiators are a necessity in homes across the UK. But did you know that these essential devices decrease in efficiency if they aren’t bled frequently?


Air bubbles tend to form in radiators which block their heating systems, meaning that even if you crank your central heating right up, you won’t feel the benefit. Releasing the air from your radiators is known as bleeding and it’s a total chore, but this nifty gadget takes care of all that for you. Just fit these valves in place of your manual vents and enjoy a consistently warmer home.

How does it save money?

Because these automatic valves make your radiator function more efficiently, you’ll feel the benefit of your heating system more than ever before. Theoretically this means you’ll need to use less energy on heating your home and see a bigger saving on your heating bill.


What is it?

If you’re really interested in learning more about your energy consumption, there’s no better choice than the energy monitor. This handheld console receives signals from your energy meters to show you how much energy you’re using in real time, giving you more power to change your energy consumption habits. Find out all about energy monitors and how to make the most of them with our dedicated guide.

How does it save money?

The majority of people are in the dark about how much money their appliances are costing them in energy consumption. Knowing exactly what’s going on in your house energy wise gives you the opportunity to save money on your energy bills. If you’d like to learn more energy efficient quick wins to make your energy monitor happy, we’ve got a guide for that.


What is it?

Probably the coolest gadget of all, smart thermostats give you complete remote control of your home’s central heating. With clever features like being able to turn certain rooms on or off and maintenance alerts to let you know your pipes are in danger of freezing, it’s no wonder a large chunk of UK households have caught on to the trend.


Aside from being able to turn the heating on from your mobile before you get home, your smart thermostat can actually learn from your lifestyle and take care of heating your home in the most efficient way possible – innovative or what?

How does it save money?

With a smart thermostat, you’re only using heating where you need it the most. Some of the top end models claim to be able to save the average household up to £350 a year just by building a heating plan that suits their lifestyle. Make your mind on whether a smart thermostat is right for you by taking a look at our guide.


What is it?

Okay so not technically a gadget, but still an amazing and cheap way to save energy. Supercharge your home’s heating with this incredibly simple but super-efficient way of redirecting the heat emitted by your radiator.


With most radiators being attached to a wall, a lot of the heat gets wasted on that one wall. Radiator foil puts a stop to all that by reflecting the heat back into the room. This stuff comes in sheets and can be cut to size to fit any radiator.

How does it save money?

A whopping £2.2bn of the UK’s heating was deemed as unnecessary or wasted last year. As a nation, we could stand to be a little smarter with our energy usage. By redirecting the heat from your radiators back into the room, you can get away with having your heating on for a shorter amount of time and still feel warm and toasty.


Of course, the best way to save money on your energy bills is to make sure you’re getting the most out of your supplier. Save an average of £267 per year with our clever Energy Saver app - available on Google Play and the App Store. With Energy Saver, aside from being able to compare and switch energy providers at the click of a button, you’ll get alerts whenever your current deal is coming to an end along with recommendations of new deals that work for you.