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Energy SaverApp Walkthrough

When it comes to switching your energy provider, we know that the last thing you want to do is spend hours searching online and filling in countless forms to find the best possible deals. Even though it could save you a lot of money, it’s a task that you can easily put to the bottom of your to-do list. If only there was a handy app out there that could streamline the process of switching your energy provider... Well now there is.

Our Energy Saver app enables you to compare energy deals from gas and electricity providers in your local area and has been designed with you in mind. Creating an account is quick and easy and you could be comparing deals in a matter of minutes. All it takes to switch is a simple swipe and Energy Saver will do the rest for you.

Aside from simple switching, it also makes it easier than ever to save money on your energy bills. It keeps track of the market and will notify you when your current deal is about to expire with a number of wallet-friendly offers that you could switch to. Did we also mention that the app is free? Saving you even more money in the process.

So, to help you make the most of your new Energy Saver app, we’ve created this handy step-by step guide to get you started.

Download the app

Before you do anything else, you need to download the Energy Saver app onto your smartphone or tablet. It’s available from Google Play for Android devices and the Apple store for the iPhone and iPad.


Getting started

When you open the app for the first time after downloading, you'll be taken to the main menu where you'll be that asked whether you're a new or existing user. Tap the new user button and create a login in by entering your email address and a memorable password of your choice. There's also the option to login using your Facebook details should you wish. Once you've set this up, you'll only be asked for these details again if you log out of the app. 

Tell us about yourself

After you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to fill in some details about yourself and your energy usage through a series of quick and easy steps. These are shown in the pink house at the bottom on the page and will be ticked off once each section is completed.


Firstly, you’ll need to fill in your postcode and choose your address from the drop down menu. Once you’ve picked your home address, you’ll automatically move onto the next step which is all about the fuels you use.


This step contains several yes and no questions, including “Do you use gas?” and “Do you have a dual-fuel deal?” which will give us a clearer idea of the type of tariffs you are currently on. To answer each question, all you need to do is tap the slider to choose either yes or no. Yes is displayed in green and No is in pink.


Next up, you’ll need to tell us about your current setup. You’ll see a list of potential suppliers, simply choose the name of your energy supplier and let us know how you usually pay for your energy.

Your usage

To help us find the best deal, we'll need to know the tariff that you're currently on. We'll provide a list of tariffs from your supplier for you to choose from, however if you're unsure, select the "I don't know my tariff" option at the top. Remember you can find your current tariff on your bill or statement.

Once you've chosen your tariff, you'll be asked whether you know your average energy usage, to which you can tap either a yes or no button. If you choose yes, you'll then be asked to enter how much you spend in or use in kWh. You can choose to fill this in for your monthly, quarterly or annual energy use.

If you don't have a previous bill to hand and you're not quite sure how much energy you use, the usage calculator can help to provide an estimate based on your circumstances. By filling out a few simple questions, such as how many people are living in your home, the type of house you live in, the efficiency of your boiler and any additional information regarding insulation and the type of energy you use, we'll pull together an estimate that you can use. It's worth noting that you can go back into your settings at any time to update this to an accurate reading.

If you'd like a more detailed energy quote, click on the plus sign on the green banner at the bottom on the page. Here, you can add how many devices and appliances you have in your home too. Once that's filled out, click on the green estimate your usage button. You'll then be given an estimated monthly spend and the option to use the estimate or add your usage info. Tap the button that best applies to you.

Once you've told us all about your energy usage, you're ready to see the deals that could save you money.

Choosing the best deal

You should now find yourself on the energy deals page, which will contain all the best possible deals for you based on the information you provided in the last section. The deal that will save you the most money per year will be displayed at the top of the page with the remaining available energy deals listed underneath. There's also a handy filter button to help you sort through the results quickly and easily.

Each deal will have two buttons for you to choose from: "full info" or "switch your energy".

The "full info" button will give you a run-down of all the tariff rates, exit fees and supplier information for this particular energy provider. This will help you to make a more informed decision about whether this is the right deal for you.

If you like the look of the proposed deal, you can press the green "switch your energy" button at the bottom of the page. If you don't think it's right, press close to return to the energy deals page and continue looking through the results.

Switching energy provider

If you tap the switch your energy button, you'll be directed to a page where you'll need to fill in a few personal details for yourself or the bill payer; including your name, contact details and date of birth. You'll then be asked to confirm or edit your residential and employment status, your billing address, address history and any medical conditions you may have. Once complete and correct, tap the green next button.

To get your switch moving, you'll need payment information on standby so make sure you've got your bank account and sort code details ready, you'll also be asked to choose your payment date for your direct debit. Once you're happy with the information you've submitted, click done.

To make sure your first bill is as accurate as possible, you'll need to fill in your meter references or MPAN for both your electricity and gas. You can find this information on your latest energy bill.

Now it's time for you to complete your checkout. You'll be reminded of which energy deal you are switching to, any exit fees you might be subject to and how much you are going to pay per month. You'll also be able to review all the tariff rates by tapping on the full info button at the top right of the page.

If you're happy with everything, you'll be asked to agree to their terms and conditions before heading back to the checkout to confirm and buy. It's important to note that if for some reason you change your mind, you'll have 14 days to cancel the switch.

Once you hit confirm, you're done. Congratulations, you've just switched energy suppliers!

Setting up alerts

If you'd like to stay informed about even better energy deals, you'll need to set up alerts on the app. You can do this by tapping the Energy Saver menu button at the top left hand corner of the page and tap on the Alert Settings option. You'll be asked how often you would like to receive alerts.

There's also a slider you can move up or down to set alerts that will save you 'X' amount per year. This will prevent you from being sent energy deals that don't save you as much money as you would like. Click Done when you're finished.

Remember, you'll need to keep the app installed on your device to receive these notifications. If you delete the app, you're deleting your alerts.

Changing your details

Changing details about your energy usage or personal information couldn't be easier and you can do it as often as you like. Tap on the menu button at the top left hand corner of the page and choose Change your details. You'll be able to see all the details you previously provided and will be able to edit them as you wish.

Use the pink house at the bottom of the page to navigate to the particular step you want to edit. Once you've made your changes, click Done. The app will then take you back to the energy deals page, where you should have an updated list of available offers to choose from.

Getting in touch

If you've got any questions about using the app or need support with your switch, you can get in touch using our Energy Saver chat function. To get started, simply open up the menu and choose the chat to us option where you'll automatically enter the Energy Saver chat. Just type the question, feedback or issues that you need support with into the chat box and press enter. One of our energy experts will respond providing all the assistance you need.