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Want to cut down on energy use when cooking?

We’ve done the research and found out a heap of energy-efficient recipes you’re sure to love. Ranging from family classics to meals cooked in totally innovative (but easy) ways, they’re sure to be a hit around the dinner table.

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Energy efficient recipes

Featuring dishes packed with nutritious veg and twists on well-known favourites, below are the recipes we’ve created to help you become more energy-conscious in the kitchen.

Low energy cooking tips

  • Don't take a peek

    Avoid opening the oven door where possible. It’ll help it to retain heat if the door’s kept closed – keep the door’s window clean and look through that instead.

  • Make the most of the microwave

    Make the most of the microwave. It’s one of the most energy-efficient appliances when compared with a hob or oven.

  • Don’t over or under fill your fridge freezer

    Keep them stocked, but not too full or too empty. Fridges and freezers work more efficiently when appropriately stocked.

  • Use glass oven dishes

    They’re better at keeping heat in, meaning your food can cook quicker or you can reduce your oven temperature.

  • Use your pan lids

    Putting a lid on a pan will help it get to temperature quicker, and retain heat, therefore using less energy overall.

  • Prep your food

    This might include par-boiling potatoes, cutting veg into smaller chunks, or defrosting your food before cooking it – all of which reduce cooking time.

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We’ve searched far and wide across the web to find more tasty dishes with totally innovative (but easy), energy-conscious methods. Even if you incorporate just a few of them into your weekly meal rota to start with, you’ll be well on your way to becoming more energy-efficient at home.