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Doro at Carphone Warehouse

At Doro we are dedicated to helping seniors live a better life. We want to make ageing an independent, secure and rich part of life, using technology - without compromising. To us, age is just a number.

Why Doro?

Doro phones are specially designed to be intuitive and simple to use, so are great for someone who has never used a mobile phone before. Phone calls are easier to hear, buttons are larger and the screens are easier to see. On some models there's also an assistance button, which in emergencies can be pressed to alert someone in your contacts list – so you get peace of mind too.

Who are Doro?

Doro is a Swedish manufacturer, and the market leader in senior focused mobile phones.  So much of our lives today take place on mobile phones and the internet. We want everyone to take part – to be able to easily communicate with each other and interact with the outside world. That’s why we develop easy-to-use products and services that make it simpler to keep in touch with friends and family, despite the challenges that can come with age. 

Designed with the user in mind

Doro mobile phones are specifically designed to be easy-to-use, but our users have different needs and preferences. That’s why we include solutions to make using your phone stress-free from large and clear icons and menus, adjustable font sizes, direct buttons, assistance button, the ability to hide unwanted menu functions and of course loud and clear sound. 

Live life loud and clear

All Doro phones come with exceptionally loud and clear sound, for calls and notifications you can hear wherever you are. Devices are hearing aid compatible, feature HD voice for better call quality and reducing background noises and all have hands free speakerphone mode which is automatically switched on when the assistance button is pressed.   

Get help easily when you need it

Feel more secure thanks to the built in assistance button that is present on all Doro devices. The button provides reassurance, for both the senior using the Doro phone and their care circle of family and friends. When pressed, seniors can quickly and easily get connected should help be needed immediately. Depending on the device it will either call up to five programmed contacts in a sequential manner or all at the same time, as well as sending the GPS location of the Doro handset.


*Check the specific handset details for how the assistance button is supported.