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Data/ Tablet SIM only

- Stay connected on the move with a 4G data SIM

- Pick a tariff with the right amount of data for you

- Keep things flexible with a 30 day, 12 or 24 month contract

- Choose from a range of networks, each with their own benefits

Sim card for tablets.
What is a Data Only SIM card?
What is a Data Only SIM for?
How do I find the best Data Only SIM?
What kind of Data Only SIM card can I use with my tablet or laptop?

Our data only SIM deals are unlike traditional SIM deals because they don't include minutes or texts, just mobile data. This makes them a great choice for tablet or laptop users who want to get online when a WIFI connection isn't available.

If you want to make the most of your portable device and stay connected on the move, a data only SIM card makes a lot of sense. Just make sure that your tablet or laptop supports SIM cards, some tablets and most laptops can only connect to WIFI.

Our range of data only SIM deals features a broad choice of contracts across two networks, allowing you to select a deal that suits the way you use your device. Each deal has its benefits so it's worth comparing your options and finding one that works for you.

We've made it easy to compare data only SIM deals - just click on the deal to view 'Full Plan Details' then select 'Compare'. Then, once you've selected up to three deals to compare click 'Go to compare' and you'll be taken to a handy comparison table that details the key features and benefits of each SIM card. Pay attention to the amount of data included - is it enough for your needs? - and the length of the contract. It's also worth noting benefits like roaming, bill capping and 5G compatibility.

If you're a fairly heavy user, we offer a choice of unlimited data SIM deals on both the Vodafone and iD networks. Look out too for faster speeds, especially if you enjoy streaming content - Vodafone offer several 10mbps max speed deals.

Looking for a traditional sim cards that include minutes and texts? Check out our range of SIM only deals for mobile phones.