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Best mobile phonesPhones With Headphone Jack

Mobile phones with headphone jacks

If you’ve got a pair of wired headphones you absolutely love, chances are you’re looking for phones with a headphone jack. An audio jack lets you connect your earphones straight into your phone, without the need for Bluetooth compatibility. The good news is, we’ve got loads of good phones with a headphone jack. Now you can listen to your music or watch a film no problem!

Lots of phones seem to be phasing out the traditional 3.5mm jack- which can be a bit tricky if wireless headphones aren’t for you. iPhone waved goodbye to audio jacks some time ago. But thankfully, there are still plenty of modern phones with a headphone jack. Even though Apple might be out of reach, the Android audio jack and Android headphone jack are still very much alive! Take a look below to check out the latest new phones with a headphone jack. We’ve rounded up their best features so you can find the best phone with a headphone jack for you.

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