Ever been lost for days in the woods, trapped underground or lodged at a madman’s hotel? Of course not! Because with internet access you can get out of pretty much any scrape, right? Even crazy ones like you see in the movies.

Well, we tested this theory and rendered five plot lines completely implausible, simply through using mobile data or broadband.

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How the internet could have solved their dilemma


Saving lives with hotel reviews

School of Rock

Saving careers with LinkedIn

Brief Encounter

Saving relationships with videocalls

The Blair Witch Project

Saving time with Google Maps

The Pursuit of Happyness

Saving money with eCommerce

How the internet could solve your dilemma

Can’t make friends? Cook dinner? Do your job? No problem. Whatever your dilemma, just go online. That’s what 83% of Brits do when they’re in a tight spot. And that’s not all…


self-diagnose medical issues online


fix a DIY issue using online videos


have blagged their way out of a work situation


search new recipes when stuck for dinner ideas


troubleshoot their romantic situations online


say the internet has even saved their life!

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