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Do you video chat with friends? Search for love online or just new TV shows to stream? Well, the sad reality is that many of us put our broadband to far less exciting use. We send work emails at night and scroll through our Facebook feeds in bed. But there's so much more! Find out what makes the nation happiest on-screen, test your online happiness level, or get the secret to staying internet-happy from experts in digital behaviour psychology.

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Top 10 things that
make the UK happiest online

Whether you're an online gamer, meme queen or simply love to browse for hours, we know there are tons of fun things to do online. So, we asked 2000 internet users in the UK to rate their happiness across a range of activities to reveal the top ten things that make us feel happiest online.

1stWinning an eBay bid78%

2ndDiscount retail codes76%

3rdLooking things up76%

4thInstant messaging friends75%

5thYouTubing music videos75%

6thOnline dating74%

7thPrice comparison deals74%

8thSharing perfect memes73%

9thDiscount experience days72%

10thFacebooking old friends71%

Get your online happiness score

Skyping a friend, bagging an online-only deal, or getting retweeted - do you know what makes you happiest online? Test yourself in 12 digital scenarios to see what makes you feel cheery (or weary) online, and get your total happiness score.

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