The online happiness quiz

Social Media

One of your favourite influencers on social media has just liked a series of photos you've uploaded to Instagram. How does this make you feel?

  • Not bothered. Receiving a like on Instagram has no effect on my mood.
  • Warm inside, I like that they're showing an interest in my life from a digital perspective.
  • Happy! This is a big compliment that completely makes my day!

You wake up and share a picture of your champion breakfast on social media. It gets positive interaction from around 80% of your followers. How does this make you feel?

  • Jubilant! This is a key event that is worthy of a celebration.
  • Content: getting likes and comments is a nice boost to my day.
  • Not bothered in the slightest: social media comments, likes and retweets don't really matter to me.

You've been checking out a new pair of jeans for a while and the online store just activated a new voucher code giving you 25% off. They now seem even more tempting, how do you respond?

  • I head straight to the website to fill up my basket and check out with a big smile on my face.
  • I'll check back later in the week. If the voucher code is still active, I'll buy the jeans.
  • I'd rather shop in-store for a more personalised experience even though the jeans will probably be more expensive there.

Your dream holiday is on the horizon, you just need to book those long-haul flights and boutique hotels in picture-perfect locations. Do you:

  • Head over to your favourite online price comparison site to bag the best flight deal, while reading through hotel reviews and places to stay on TripAdvisor before booking.
  • Visit a couple of websites and book the flights and hotels you need, without reading reviews. Quick and painless.
  • Ponder the available options – visit the local high street to see a travel agent in person, or a take trip to the bookshop and grab a guidebook to help you find the best hotels.

Your friend has just informed you that a great new video has been released on your favourite YouTube channel. How do you react:

  • YouTube? Never heard of it.
  • You're too excited to wait so you watch the video immediately, even if you're at work.
  • You head over to YouTube to check out the video the next time you remember, or when you don't have better things to do.

A new music artist grabs your attention thanks to the handy suggestions Spotify provides based on your frequently played songs. How do you respond?

  • You check them out online to learn more about this amazing new band before downloading their album or exploring more artists that Spotify recommends.
  • You don't really use Spotify. You usually hear about new artists through word of mouth or on the TV.
  • You might listen to one or two tracks, but don't continue to explore new music online in this way.

You're on the dating scene and your online dating app has revealed a perfect match for you with its sophisticated algorithm. What would be your typical response?

  • This is fantastic news. You trust that the algorithm has made the right choice, so you jump right in and start messaging.
  • You feel mild excitement with a dash of caution. The profile suits your tastes perfectly, but online dating is a last resort for you, if your real-life dating activities fall flat.
  • Woah there! I only date through real-life encounters and friend recommendations first.

You haven't spoken to a friend much since they moved abroad, and would love to catch up with them. How do you open the conversation?

  • I'd suggest catching up on Skype or Facetime for a live video call. It's a great way to see each other face-to-face, even if it's just over a digital platform.
  • I'd message to see when they're next in town, so we can meet up in person. Face-to-face is always better in my opinion.
  • I don't really use technology to maintain long distance friendships. I try to see my friends when I can.

Something you've heard about recently has sparked your interest and you want to find out more. You browse online and find the information you were looking for. What do you do next?

  • I end my search, I've got what I came for.
  • I might read on a little further, it's interesting after all.
  • In typical style, I become completely captivated by my fact-finding mission. I keep clicking through to different pages to read more and discover new things.

You're considering a new haircut. It's a big deal. Do you first:

  • Head online for inspiration, browsing a few style blogs, celebrity images and fashion websites for ideas before you get the chop.
  • Browse a couple of images online or grab a magazine to see if there's anything you like.
  • Go straight to the hairdressers/barbers. They know what to do.

You need to transfer some money from your savings account into your current account. You decide to:

  • Make the transfer using your online bank account – it's much more time efficient this way.
  • Make a trip into town to visit your bank and make the transfer in person.
  • Call up your bank and carry out the transfer over the phone.

You want to apply for a new credit card to boost your credit rating and help you with shopping. The first thing you do is:

  • Head online to a price comparison site like or a financial advice forum like You're confident this is where you'll get the most information about the best deals and rates.
  • Go to your local bank branch to apply for one in person. It's a big step so you want to speak face-to-face to get full details.
  • Browse the internet for a few credit card options, but you're not completely comfortable handling the decision online.



Not even the best of the internet
can make you smile ☹



Oh dear, you're not having much fun online



You're pretty happy in your corner
of the internet



Online happiness? You've got it sorted



Woohoo! You experience bliss every
time you're online

Social Media

You're a digital social butterfly! You eat sleep and breathe social media, and love nothing more than an Insta-update.

Social media is a nice backdrop to your life. You try to make the most of it when you can, but you don't stress too much about getting likes or comments.

Facebook's not always your idea of fun, and you're not too bothered about Twitter. But there's more to social media than photos and instant messaging. Take a chance and share ideas, experiences and info across your networks.

Shopping Online

You're a deal-savvy shopper and your bag-a-bargain ways help you save money like a pro.

You're comfortable shopping smart online, but you love the experience before you buy just as much as your final purchase.

You're more into the browse-and-buy style of shopping than meticulously hunting down deals online. But make sure you're not missing out on digital discounts!

Music, Videos, and Games

Spotify, YouTube, Netflix: You're all about digital entertainment and you use it to the full to discover new ways to enjoy yourself.

You enjoy a healthy balance when it comes to entertainment. You use digital channels like Netflix and YouTube on occasion, but sometimes nothing beats a regular TV-sesh.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of analogue fun, but don't miss out on other ways to entertain yourself with the latest music, TV series and games online.

Connecting with Friends

You're a pro at keeping up with your contacts online, whether that's a quick Skype chat with friends and family or arranging a meet-up with a hot new date!

There's something slightly disconnected about connecting online. While useful for far-flung conversations, you also crave that face-to-face connection. 

When it comes to family and friends, you don't need to disconnect to really connect with them. Video chat is a great way to give some face-time to special people.

Googling Around

You're a Google guru! If you're looking for info, advice or inspiration, search engines are your bible.

At times you've found that online "research" can be a little distracting, but a little intellectual curiosity is definitely a good thing!

For you, search engines serve their purpose although they're unlikely to entertain you for long. But why not get lost in a fact hunt for something you're interested in? A little curiosity never hurt anyone…

Online Banking

You've got this online banking and personal finance thing covered – stay savvy online!

When it comes to your finances and banking, you're happy to do some of it online. But for the bigger asks, only an in-person meeting will do.

You're not too keen on handling your finances online but it could save you a lot of hassle. As long as your personal info is secure, and the websites are legit – you're good to go.