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It's possible to get broadband with no landline or line rental requirement in most areas of the UK. Carphone Warehouse can help you compare your options and get the right service for your home.

What kind of broadband service can I get without line rental?

Buying broadband without line rental is a good way to cut down on your monthly household outgoings and simplify your digital services. While most broadband packages in the UK do still carry a line rental requirement (even fibre optic ones), there are options available. A lot depends on the area you live in, and the sort of service you require.

Providers with broadband and no line rental requirement available at Carphone Warehouse

    • Fibre optic broadband from Virgin Media

      If you live in a cable broadband area you can get Virgin Media broadband without a landline. Choose your speeds, up to 50, 100, 200 or 350Mb, and order your package as normal but state that you want the 'no landline' option.

      We recommend VIVID 50, which comes with unlimited downloads, superfast speeds up to 50Mb and a free wireless router on a 12 month contract. At around £35 a month with no line rental requirement, it's good value for money.

    • Fibre optic broadband from Hyperoptic

      The only supplier in the market to offer true fibre broadband to your door, hyperoptic offer a range of superfast broadband only packages. They offer up to speeds of 30Mb, 150Mb and 1Gb.

      We recommend Fibre Broadband 30Mb. It comes with unlimited usage and no data limits, and a free wireless router on a 12 month contract. Price point is around £27 a month with no line rental costs. This is the best value entry level fibre broadband only package. p>

What are the benefits of broadband without line rental?

  • No need to pay a separate monthly line rental fee on top of your home broadband fee. Line rental can be pricey, sometimes up to £18 a month depending on supplier, so there are savings to be had by getting a broadband only deal.
  • No need to have an active phone line, which can leave you open to unwanted cold calling from businesses.
  • No necessity to pay for a call package you don't need. Some suppliers require you to take a basic call package with your broadband and landline, which you may not want or need.

What are the disadvantages of getting broadband with no landline?

  • It might not save you much. Suppliers are able to offset the cost of broadband because of the line rental fee they charge. A broadband and phone package may cost you £15 a month for line rental and £5 a month or less for broadband, which would make it cheaper than the majority of broadband only deals without a landline fee. If your reason for choosing a broadband only deal is to save money, you might be better off opting for a combined broadband and phone deal and paying for the line rental up front, which carries a heavy discount with most providers.
  • You could be missing out on a better deal. The best way to save is often to combine all three services in one deal - broadband, home phone and digital TV. While this may seem counter intuitive, the savings element of a "triple play" deal makes it an incredibly affordable and popular option.

As more options become available from suppliers, broadband without line rental will become an increasingly viable option for UK consumers. At the moment your best bet is to find out if Virgin Media fibre broadband is available in your area, and as availability varies by property we recommend that you confirm this with our advisors or with Virgin Media directly.

Our experts are available over the phone every day to offer you a personalised quote on the best possible deal for your home. We'll compare over 11,000 deals on your behalf and, once you're happy with an offer we've recommended, we'll even help get the ball rolling by providing all the necessary information to your new provider.

Best of all, our service is completely free! Just call 0800 781 2981 to find out how much you could be saving today, or you can take a look at what broadband only deals we currently have available.

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