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  • WH-1000XM2B
  • WI 1000 CE7
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About Us

Using our unlimited passion for technology, content and services to deliver ground-breaking new excitement and entertainment, as only Sony can.

For and by music lovers

From a basic Walkman to the most advanced high-resolution audio, Sony's innovative sound technology gives you a richer, more satisfying listening experience.

Sony maintains a deep understanding for music and develops products to deliver the full spectrum of the sound experience, so you hear what the artists want you to hear.

The message of "for and by Music lovers" lies at the centre of this undying passion and love for music, offering an experience for those who truly appreciate every beat, note, and lyric.

Noise cancelling beyond compare

No distracting background noise - just pure, authentic sound. And no annoying cables, either. Lose yourself in the music with Sony's wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

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