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Saving our oceans , One case at a time.

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What is Ocean 75?

Ocean 75 is absolutely brand new and the first case brand to use over 90% Ocean plastic in their cases. They use plastic from fishing nets that are recovered from Oceans around the world and transform them into stylish cases that not only look great, but help a reduce the amount of plastic in our Oceans. £1 from every case will also be donated to one of five Ocean charities and you can choose which one you support.​









Did you Know?

Every day approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans.

Studies have shown over 46% of ocean plastic comes from the fishing industry.

Ocean 75

No Greenwashing on what goes into our products

Produced from recycled fishing nets from the UK and European Sea

Over 90% recycled ocean plastic

Precision fit with colour related options

Minimum weight and bulk


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