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Huawei Smartwatches & Bands

Explore Huawei Smartwatches and fitness trackers, from the Huawei Watch GT2 to the Huawei Band 4. Fitness and sleep tracking on your wrist.

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Huawei Smartwatches FAQs

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We’ve got a wide range of Huawei smartwatches and Huawei fitness trackers to choose from. If you like a classic sports watch design, the Huawei Watch GT2 is a great choice. Looking for a fitness tracker that gives you running stats and monitors your sleep? Then a Huawei fitness band like the Band 4e is exactly what you need.

Huawei smartwatches and Huawei fitness trackers offer something for everyone. The latest Huawei watch technology gives you access to loads of smart fitness tracking features, and lets you receive instant notifications from your Android phone. Styles range from a traditional Huawei watch classic look and feel, to slimline Huawei smartwatch ladies’ designs. Wear a Huawei fitness trackers on your wrist or clip it on your shoe, and you can track your walking, running and other activities all day long. It can also monitor the quality of your sleep through the night. If you need more inspiration, check out our full range of Smart Watches.