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For most mobile phone users, a good pair of headphones is an essential piece of kit. Shop our headphones and earbuds range, featuring Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds, and Sony wireless Bluetooth headphones.

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Whether you’re watching movies, immersing yourself in your favourite tunes or simply making hands-free calls, you’ll want earphones that feel comfy, look great and - most importantly - give you fantastic sound quality.

Audio technology has advanced significantly in recent years, so if you’re still listening on old earphones, you’re missing out. Look out for features like dynamic noise cancelling and three-dimensional sound to help you get totally lost in your favourite music, movies and video games. Gone are the days when you had to be plugged into your device, now with True Wireless headphones, you can listen wirelessly via Bluetooth without losing any sound quality.

Because they come in all shapes and sizes, choosing the best headphones for you depends on how you’ll be using them. In-ear headphones - or earbuds - are small and easy to transport, making them perfect to take with you wherever you go. You can get wired - if you’re old school - or wireless earbuds. If you like running or working out hard in the gym, look out for in-ear wireless earbuds that are sweat and rain resistant. Although, if you want to get the most immersive, uninterrupted sound, opt for over-ear headphones.

Browse our range of wireless and wired headphones and earbuds to find the perfect pair for you. And if you’re looking for something else to improve your smartphone experience, check out our mobile phone accessories.


AirPods - Apple’s range of wireless headphones - easily integrates with all your Apple devices. You can instantly connect and automatically switch between iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs for a truly seamless experience. If you’re an Apple user, AirPods are the wireless earphones for you.

With rich, clear audio, AirPods give you an exceptional listening experience every time. Choose from AirPods 2nd generation - perfect for your daily commute and everyday use - and AirPods 3rd generation which are sweat and water-resistant, so they’re great if you like to keep fit. If it’s top-notch noise cancelling capabilities that you’re after, AirPods Pro are leaders in the field. With next-level Active Noise Cancelling and Adaptive Transparency to reduce even more external noise, the AirPods Pro really are impressive.

If you prefer wired headphones - some find them more convenient because they don’t need to be charged - check out Apple EarPods wired headphones. They come with either a lightning connector for use with iPhone 7 and later, or for earlier iPhones, a headphone jack. Most other brands of wired headphones come with a headphone jack connector, so if you have an iPhone 7 or later, you’ll need an Apple headphone adaptor.

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The perfect accessory for your Samsung Galaxy phone is a pair of Galaxy Buds - Samsung’s wireless headphones range. If you’re looking for the highest sound quality, choose the top-of-the-range Galaxy Buds2 Pro. With 24-bit Hi-Fi audio for incredible clarity, Dolby Atmos for 360 audio, and better-than-ever Active Noise Cancelling, these are the choice of those in the know. The standard Galaxy Buds2 may be lower in specifications but they still pack a powerful punch, with well-balanced audio that gives you rich, deep bass and clear treble.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds2 and Buds2 Pro are ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit in the ear canal. For something a bit different, why not check out the Galaxy Buds Live? Their innovative design is non-intrusive yet fits snugly in the ear for all-day comfort.

Whichever Galaxy Buds you choose, they’ll look as good as they sound. The sleek, curvy designs come in a range of gorgeous colours with matching charging cases that fit easily into your hand and pocket. And with easy connection and switching between your Samsung devices, and tracking - so you don’t have to worry about losing your Galaxy Buds - Samsung’s wireless earphones really do cover all the bases.

For those who like to be plugged in, Samsung Galaxy S series phones no longer have a headphone jack. So if you want to use wired headphones with a Galaxy S20 onwards, you’ll need a USB-C to headphone jack adaptor. This will allow you to plug most wired headphones into the USB-C charging port on your phone.

Sony headphones

One of the biggest electronics brands in the world, Sony has a well-deserved reputation for high-quality, innovation, and beautiful design. And Sony headphones are everything you’d expect from the brand: sleek and smart, with superior sound quality and features. Whether you opt for top-price headphones or something at the cheaper end of the spectrum, Sony headphones are built to last. Choose from styles including over-ear headphones, True Wireless Bluetooth earbuds, and wired in-ear headphones, and find a pair of Sony earphones that fit your lifestyle, whatever that may be.

Huawei, JLab and other headphones

If you have a Google Pixel phone - or, in fact, any phone - why not take a look at the Google Pixel Buds Pro? With premium sound quality, Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency mode, Google’s wireless earbuds can compete with the big boys. And they look great too, with plenty of bright, fun colours to choose from.

For those on a tighter budget, Belkin earbuds are a great choice. With seven hours of playback and two microphones for clear sound when you’re chatting, Belkin Rise True Wireless headphones are even water resistant – something you might not expect at the price tag.