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Mobile Phone Cases & Covers

Keep your smartphone looking as good as the day you bought it, with our range of protective cases available in a variety of designs, colours and sizes.

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How can I clean my phone case?

Keeping a phone case looking brand new can require some TLC, but different materials may require different method of cleaning. If your case is plastic, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth will do the trick (take it off your phone first). However, if your phone case is leather, or glass, it may need a more specialist cleaning method.

What are phone cases made of and what is the best material?

Phone cases are made of lots of different materials, most commonly strong, protective kinds of plastic or leather. Picking the perfect phone case is totally down to your individual taste.

Should I use a case on my phone?

If you're particularly accident-prone, a case for your phone could be a good idea. They come in lots of different shapes, sizes and designs, so there's something for everyone.

How do flip phone cases work?

A flip phone case, sometimes referred to as a wallet case, flips open to reveal your phone, like a book cover. Some cases have a small transparent window to let you view your phone's display through, while others will totally cover the face of the handset, adding another level of protection to the screen.

What is the most durable phone case?

A few phone case manufacturers are especially renowned for their durability, including Otterbox and Griffin.

The latest mobile phones are constructed using increasingly robust materials, but accidents can still happen and there's nothing worse than damaging a previously pristine mobile. If you want to protect your phone from the bumps and scrapes of everyday life it makes sense to keep it safely shielded behind a tailor-made mobile phone case or cover.

Our huge range of mobile accessories gives you a choice of tough, precision engineered storage solutions that look great and promise to keep your treasured phone in immaculate condition. Let's face it, mobile repair bills can be steep, so buying a protective case could prove to be a canny investment.

If you admire the design of your phone too much to keep it hidden away behind in a protective cover, there are plenty of barely discernible clear cases and skins that offer robust protection without obscuring the sleek looks of your handset. Alternative you might favour a luxurious leather phone case, in which case you'll find an exciting array of quality leather finishes to choose from, including soft natural leathers that will develop a beautiful patina over time, and premium leathers that are strengthen with a micro-fibre lining for greater protection. You might also want to look out for waterproof cases to protect your phone from spills and splashes, or cases with an antimicrobial coating that will help to protect against bacteria.

It's important to make sure you choose a phone cover that's designed to be used with your handset. In many cases manufacturers produce their own tailor-made cases that are designed to perfectly compliment a specific handset. Take the Samsung Galaxy Note20 LED view cover, which features a stylish LED animated light display on the cover to show the time, notifications, and caller information.