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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

Blue only at Carphone Warehouse

Perfect for smartphone photographers, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is a powerful Android phone that takes photos as well as a compact camera.

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
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With 4G, internet is five times faster than older 3G connections. It’s perfect for streaming videos & music, and web pages load instantly. 4G lets you get the most out of your new phone.
Find out more in our 4G comparison hub.

Processor name and model Talk time (up to) Camera quality Screen size Operating system
Hexa core: 1.3GHz quad core + 1.7GHz dual core Up to 14 hours talk time 20.7MP 4.8" Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Overview Image

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

A smartphone and camera rolled into one, you can take stunning photos and share them instantly with the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. With a 10x optical zoom lens, 20.7MP sensor and advanced optical image stabilisation, every shot will be crystal clear.

Overview Image

Take incredible photos.

You'll be able to take photos like on no other smartphone with the 20.7MP camera on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. That's because it's loaded with advanced technology. There's optical image stabilisation, which cleverly keeps the camera steady even if your hands are shaking. And the 10x optical zoom lens means you can zoom in on your subject without losing quality, just like on a compact camera.

Overview Image

Share everything instantly.

You can share all you amazing photos instantly too. That's because the Galaxy K Zoom is 4G ready. So you can pop in a 4G SIM card and use superfast mobile internet to put your pictures on Facebook and Instagram as soon as you've shot them.

Overview Image

Enjoy the sleek new design.

The Galaxy K Zoom has all the photography power of a great digital camera squeezed into the practical body of a smartphone. The back cover is gently curved so it fits comfortably in your hand and is textured for a more premium feel. And it's all slim and light enough to comfortably slip into your pocket or bag.

Overview Image

See everything in HD.

You'll love watching movies and playing games on the Galaxy K Zoom. That's because it has a big 4.8" HD screen made with Samsung's bright and power efficient Super AMOLED technology. It's a brilliant screen to look back on all the superb photos and videos that you've taken.

Overview Image

Power through your entertainment.

Your apps and games will run really smoothly on the Galaxy K Zoom thanks to the fast hexa core processor. And you'll be able to enjoy them all day with the big 2,430mAh battery and super-efficient Android 4.4.2 KitKat® software. Plus, you'll never get bored as Android gives you access to more than a million apps and games.

Overview Image

Go days between charges.

That big battery in the Galaxy K Zoom can last even longer with Ultra Power Saving Mode. It can stretch just 10% of battery life for almost 24 hours, making it perfect for emergencies. It works by turning the screen into black and white mode and switching off all unnecessary features. So if you can't get to a charger but need to be contactable, the Galaxy K Zoom will keep going.

Overview Image

Get Deezer FREE for 6 months when you buy the Galaxy K Zoom^

When you buy the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom you'll get half a year of free music streaming with Deezer. Just click this link http://www.samsung.com/uk/galaxygifts, then follow the simple instructions on the website to claim offer and you've got access to all the music you'll want.

^ The offer is available to new Deezer subscribers or existing Deezer subscribers who have never had a paid subscription. Users will be required to enter payment details at the point of activation. Users can cancel their subscription at any time within 'My Account' (See FAQs for details on this process). The offer is available for users to activate until the 31st October 2014. Full terms and conditions can be found here

Battery life and operating system

Standby time (up to) TBC The maximum length of time the device can remain switched on before the battery needs recharging. Standby time is theoretical and based on lab conditions.
Talk time (up to) 14 hours The maximum length of time you can make a phone call using the device (under ideal conditions) before the battery needs recharging.
Battery size (in mAh) 2,430 mAh This is the amount of electric charge in the battery of the device, measured in millampere-hours (mAh). In general, the more mAh, the longer your device will last on battery power, although it does depend on usage and the power demands of the device.
Operating system Android 4.4.2 KitKat The software that runs the phone. Different software has different features and strengths, so it’s best to try out a few to decide which you prefer.

Body and screen

Screen resolution 720 x 1080 pixels The resolution of the screen is the amount of pixels used along the length and width of the screen. Along with ppi, it is a good measure of screen detail – the higher the resolution, the more detail there is in the screen.
Screen sharpness 306 ppi The ppi (pixels per inch) is a measurement that takes into account the size of the screen and the resolution to give a sharpness rating. It can be compared across devices – the higher the ppi, the sharper the screen is, making it better for high resolution content and reading.
Screen technology Super AMOLED The type of technology that the display uses. Normally this is either LCD or AMOLED, but there are many variations, and each has its advantages. It is best to look at screens in the flesh to see which types you prefer most.
Sim type Micro The type of SIM that is used in the device. This is important as devices only take one type of SIM. If you don’t have the right SIM, it is easy to transfer your number to the correct type.
Touchscreen Yes Touchscreens allow you to control the device by tapping and swiping, navigate menus, access apps and interact with your content.
Device size 137.5 x 70.8 x 16.6 mm

The dimensions (size) in millimetres of the device.

Device weight 200 g The weight of the device in grams.
Screen size 4.8" The size of the main display screen of your device, in inches. The larger the screen, the better it is for movies and web browsing, but it can be more difficult to use.


Speakerphone Yes If this mobile phone has a built-in speaker, you can use it to have hands free conversations or share music with friends. (Dependent on your handset's features).
Works in USA Yes Often known as 'tri-band', this device can connect to mobile networks in Europe and the USA. You'll also need to make sure your UK network offers service in the place you're visiting.
Voice dialling Yes Begin calls to your friends without typing numbers - just say their name!
Voice recognition Yes Technology that enables your device to be activated and controlled by your voice. The latest devices let you control many features - check the weather, start the camera, make a note – whatever you need.
Frequency band Quad band The number of bands your phone works across. Dual bands will normally only work in your home country and continent, quad bands will work in the Americas.


Video camera quality 1080p full HD The resolution and quality of the video footage that the device’s camera shoots. Generally, the higher the quality figure is, the more detailed the video footage is.
Camera quality 20.7MP + 10x optical zoom The amount of megapixels (MP) of the device’s camera. This is a measure of detail, so, as a general rule, the higher the megapixel count, the more detailed photos you’ll get.
Flash type Xenon & LED The type of flash that is used by the device for taking photos in low light.
Front facing camera 2MP Capture self portraits to use as your profile pics or share with friends. If your device supports video chats you can also use the front facing camera as a handy web cam, for face-to-face calls. Generally, the more megapixels (MP), the better the quality of the images you’ll get.


Positioning GPS, A-GPS, GLONASS The technologies that the device can access to update its location and tell apps, like Google Maps or Bing Maps, where the phone is, allowing for accurate navigation.
Wi-Fi Yes If your device is compatible with Wi-Fi then you can access the internet via wireless networks, and enjoy broadband-like browsing speeds. Signal strength varies, and you might need a network key.
3G Yes 3G is a wireless technology that transfers data between mobile devices. If you connect to the internet via 3G then you'll enjoy fast browsing and downloading speeds. Costs vary between networks.
4G Yes

With 4G, internet is five times faster than older 3G connections. It’s perfect for streaming videos & music, and web pages load instantly. 4G lets you get the most out of your new phone.
Find out more in our 4G comparison hub.

Bluetooth Yes Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets your device send and receive media like pictures and songs, as well as connect to accessories like Bluetooth headsets for hands free calling.
Internet data connection Yes The device can connect to the internet without having to first connect to a Wi-Fi connection. The internet data connection covers all data types that are slower than 3G and 4G – check other features to check if this device can connect to the internet at faster speeds.
Mobile hotspot and tethering Yes This allows you to share the internet data connection of your device with other devices, allowing laptops and tablets, among other devices, to access the internet when they would otherwise need to find a Wi-Fi connection.
Other connectivity NFC, DLNA, MHL, USB On-the-go The other connectivity technologies that the device supports, allowing it to share to or control other devices.

Music and entertainment

Radio No A built in app that lets you listen to radio stations on your phone.
Apps Yes Discover a world of possibilities with downloadable applications on your device.
Music player Yes A music player lets you play music on the device that is stored in the device’s built-in memory.

Processor and memory

Processor name and model Hexa core: 1.3GHz quad core + 1.7GHz dual core Exynos 5260 processor The full name of the processor that powers the device. If you have a specific need, check the strong points of your device's processor.
Processor speed 1.3GHz + 1.7GHz The speed of the processor. Generally, the faster the processor speed the more powerful the processor and the faster it process information, making it better for games and complex tasks.
RAM 2GB RAM is the memory used for running programs. Generally, the more RAM, the smoother everything will run, and the more complex apps you can run.
Number of cores Hexa core The number of cores in the processor. Each core is the equivalent of a standalone processor.. Some processors have dual or quad cores, and may be better for certain tasks. Generally, the more cores a processor has, the more powerful it is.
Memory card type MicroSD up to 64GB Different devices use different types of memory expansion card, so it’s important you use the correct type. The cards slot into the device and let you boost the amount of memory that is available for music, photos and videos.
Internal phone memory 8GB The amount of memory built into your device for movies, music and other files.



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Mobile phone insurance by Geek Squad

Our insurance and 24/7 tech support gives you all the protection you need for your new mobile phone. With cover for theft, accidental damage and loss and our super simple claims process, ultra-speedy processing times and round-the-clock UK based tech support phone line to support you and your phone.

Geek Squad - Protect & Support partner of Carphone Warehouse

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom  with Insurance & Tech Support - Mobile Complete for just £13.99 per month

  • Defaqto 5 star-rated mobile phone insurance
  • Cover for accidental damage, theft and loss
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  • Cover for unauthorised use
  • In-store Tech support or 24/7 by phone
  • Cover for up to £300 of Carphone Warehouse phone accessories
  • Next working day phone replacement on claim acceptance
  • Insurance underwritten by Aviva
  • Security software for your smartphone.*
  • Find out more about Geek Squad Mobile Complete Insurance

    *Subject to device compatibility.

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Did you know Orange and T-mobile customers can upgrade to EE and get 4G. 4G gives you internet speeds five times faster than with the older 3G connection.

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Samsung Galaxy K Zoom

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