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Wearables: Clever Tech You Can Wear On The Go

Some are worn like watches on your wrist. Some clip to your clothes. And some attach to sports equipment. All of them are designed for convenience and work with your smartphone to give you more information when you need it.

What is a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are the original wearable. As the name suggests, they're watches that bring some of the functions of a smartphone to your wrist by connecting to your phone wirelessly.

Why you want one

  • Get notifications from your phone
  • Make hands free phone calls
  • Record the number of steps you take
  • Send texts by talking

Samsung Gear 2 Neo

The Samsung Gear 2 Neo shows your notifications so you can keep your phone safe in your pocket. It can also help track your fitness with its pedometer and heart rate monitor, and play music so you can leave your MP3 player at home.

What is a fitness wearable?

Fitness wearables have taken off recently. They have a special focus on helping you keep track of your health, fitness and sleep. They even motivate you to hit your goals.

Why you want one

  • Record all your workouts
  • Monitor how many calories you burn
  • Track the quality of your sleep
  • Get advice on being healthier

Misfit Shine - Black

The Misfit Shine is a stylish and versatile wearable that's great for monitoring how active you are. It's really small so it can be worn comfortably anywhere, it's waterproof so you can even take it swimming, and it automatically tracks sleep to advise you on how to stay well rested.

What is a sport wearable?

Sports wearables are pretty new. They normally focus on helping you get better at everything you do as you play and advising on what you can do better.

Why you want one

  • Track training and competitions
  • Get advice on how to improve
  • Compare yourself to the pros
  • Share your stats with friends

ZEPP™ Golf

ZEPP Golf tracks everything about your swing while you're playing golf and then shows you the stats in a simple smartphone app. You can then see how your form compares to the pros and check how fast your swing is. It'll even tell you exactly how you can perfect your shot.

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